Your favourite Italian pizza?


When it comes to pizza I love all kinds of toppings, however most of the pizza I eat is either bought from a takeaway where I live or home made by me. When I do eat pizza though, I tend to either go for pepperoni or even a seafood pizza which I absolutely adore!

When it comes to pizza from Italy, what kind of toppings do you always go for and how would you compare it to pizza say bought and eaten in the UK or US?


I have yet to try true Italian pizza from within the country but I will say the closest I have tried here I have loved. The meats have to be Italian seasoned and not as heavy. We tend to over-do the meats in the West and kind of ruin the pizza.


When it Italy, definitely try either a seafood pizza if you are in a region that is big on seafood, or go for something that has authentic Italian sausage on it. The classic Margherita is also extremely good in Italy.


The Capricciosa pizza looks really good. The toppings include: tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, ham, eggs, artichoke, cocktail sausages, green olives.


I was actually interested in this, and I’m surprised by everyones answers because I would think maybe cheese would be the most loved. But the ones that you guys are all talking about sounds amazing!


I read about a pizza called the Pumpkin & Prosciutto (crema di zucca, pancetta e provola) pie which I really want to try and is supposed to truly authentic. I also love eggplant on my pizza which seems to be somewhat common in Italy. Anyone ever tried a suppli (risotto balls stuffed with beef, cheese, potato or spaghetti)?


I love all kinds of pizza, but I find myself ordering “prosciutto funghi” a lot (ham and mushrooms).
I’ve also tried margherita with double mozzarella stuffing and it’s amazing! Too much cheese though tends to make the middle of the pizza a bit too droopy though.
And another one I absolutely love is the one with spicy sausage. It’s called Diavola and, although it takes a while for me to finish it, it’s totally worth it!


I’m a Margherita guy…most of the days :wink:


My favorite is the classic pepperoni pizza. It`s just pure perfection in my opinion. Everything else on it would just destroy the awesome flavor of garlic, cheese and pepperonies.


I think pepperoni pizza is called Diavola in Italy? It’s the one with the spicy salami, which I’m also a fan of.

It’s funny, the word “peperone” in Italian means bell pepper :laughing: So, an Italian would be confused, if you’d ask for “pepperoni pizza”, since they would add bell peppers instead of salami :smiley: haha!


Oh my, that looks delicious!


Don’t think I’ve ever had a real Italian style pizza but they look really good.


This is my favourite, look at how delicious it looks!pizza-capricciosa


Wow that looks pretty good. I think the sauce/cheese on legit Italian style pizzas look a lot better than your average one from a delivery restaurant here in America.


Is this a pizza quattro stagioni? It sure looks like it! And it’s delicious!
The Italian version of a quattro stagioni pizza (meaning, pizza four seasons) usually contains prosciutto, mushrooms and artichoke. I totally recommend you try it, it’s really really good.