Writing stories


Have you ever written a story before? How long was your story? What was it all about?


I can’t say I have but I am not much of a writer. When I was younger I made the attempt to actually make a comic book and fell flat on my face with that one! I guess writing and drawing isn’t for me.


I’m not very good at writing story’s. When I Was at school I did and should of say that I had to as part of being at school dealing with learning on how to writ.

For me who has bad grammar and spelling tend to be harder and I rather type short amount.

PS: not good coming up with story’s to tell anyway


I can’t say I have written any stories just recently however, when I was a child I used to sit and write stories all the time. My stories when I was a child would range from me taking a day out that I had been on and turning it into a story of my own using characters I had created. I do often wonder if maybe if I put my mind to it, I could possibly still write stories. Being that I am older now though I guess if I really did put my mind to it, I could write some really good stories.


Writing is a tough career choice. There are so many competitors in the field. It really depends on what you choose to write about. Italian topics, for example, are quite numerous on the internet. Maybe you would have better luck in another topic - maybe the cars from Italy or something like that.


I have been toying with the idea of writing a love story about a traveling American that meets an Italian while on vacation. I think Italy is so romantic and that would be the quintessential place to have a love affair!