Writing stories


Have you ever written a story before? How long was your story? What was it all about?


I can’t say I have but I am not much of a writer. When I was younger I made the attempt to actually make a comic book and fell flat on my face with that one! I guess writing and drawing isn’t for me.


I’m not very good at writing story’s. When I Was at school I did and should of say that I had to as part of being at school dealing with learning on how to writ.

For me who has bad grammar and spelling tend to be harder and I rather type short amount.

PS: not good coming up with story’s to tell anyway


I can’t say I have written any stories just recently however, when I was a child I used to sit and write stories all the time. My stories when I was a child would range from me taking a day out that I had been on and turning it into a story of my own using characters I had created. I do often wonder if maybe if I put my mind to it, I could possibly still write stories. Being that I am older now though I guess if I really did put my mind to it, I could write some really good stories.


Writing is a tough career choice. There are so many competitors in the field. It really depends on what you choose to write about. Italian topics, for example, are quite numerous on the internet. Maybe you would have better luck in another topic - maybe the cars from Italy or something like that.


I have been toying with the idea of writing a love story about a traveling American that meets an Italian while on vacation. I think Italy is so romantic and that would be the quintessential place to have a love affair!


Writing is therapeutic as it enables you to release your deepest emotions. I wrote a story before for my school project (that’s way back highschool) and it’s about my friends in the Middle East.


I have a couple of stories in the works right now. One is a historical fiction novel about Anne Boleyn (very original, I know). I also have a fantasy novel in the works. I have no idea how to describe it succinctly though. I’m still hammering out a lot of the details.


I have tried writing a story before since I love reading and only I was inspired to write what I feel. It was not a diary but a story about my personal experience but I put a twist and covers so that it won’t be obvious. It was about a bird that was living on her own until one day someone while she was flying above the blue sky she was hit with a gun shot and fall. She thought it will be the end of her life but a eagle save her. The eagle help her heal her wound but when it happens she was not able to use her wings. She feel helpless and useless but the eagle did not leave the bird instead every morning she will pick the bird with his claws ad teach her to fly again. To make the story short in the end she was able to fly again.
The lesson was there and it really do happen that one day in our life we felt nothing but we never expect somebody will be there really to be with at your bad times. They will push you and hold you close to go forward and never give up.


Way back in high school I wrote a story which was made into a class play. It was all about a poor person being maltreated by a rich family who later saved their lives as the poor person rescued them from a possible harm to be done by a thief who went into their home. After that the relationship changed for the better. The plot of the story is just one page maybe, but the script of the play is like seven pages if I remembered correctly.


Yes I write a lot of story and most of them are about fantasy. I like making story about princess that are saved by a simple guy with a cool skills or talent. Making a story like that makes me happy and I feel that I am the hero too of my own story.


Good job on that. More power to you and I wish you could finish that. I know how it feels to make your own story. It will really be so much happiness in your heart once you finish one.


More power to you dude. Just continue it and enjoy it. As long as you enjoy doing that you will learn to write in a right way. Just ignore the negativity and continue to write.


Yes I did, because I am a blogger and I just finish 4 pages of my story in this few weeks, my story will never end as long as the character is alive,because its all about the life story of a man who really lives in today’s generation. From his early life to present so I will try to catch up on the current event because what I have just written is all about in his early stage.


Yes, I wrote one story about 4 years ago. It has multiple chapters and it is about a rare love story of two different people. I haven’t written it to any online platform yet, but I have no plans on publishing it online either. I believe the quality of its content is not that good and I’m scared that it might get a lot of negative feedback and criticisms, though I know it is normal and common to writers. I’d rather still keep it with me until I decided to become a full-time writer. I just did it just for the sake of self satisfaction because that time I am very motivated to write down one and it actually took me few months just to complete its full story and did you know that no one ever have read it yet.


I have been writing for several online news magazines for four years. I like writing news, I studied journalism at my university. It is exciting to search for additional information and give the story your own frame. I always try to improve my skills and enroll online courses at least once a year


Writing stories was one of my favorite hobby and at the same time a past time especially when I feel bored or don’t have much thing to do in the whole day. I mainly write comedy stories since I like to entertained people who are stress from their respective works. I want to give them a some sort of amusement and enjoyment even by just reading some short stories. It really feels great to help others even in just doing simple things.