Would you go into space?


Most blokes I know say yes, most women I know say no. Do you buck the trend?


No, I don’t want to. I don’t think I’ll be able to survive being in there. Knowing that I’m outside our planet, it makes me feel so unsafe. Though the idea of being there is fascinating, I don’t think I’ll be able to handle the fear so I’ll pass.


I’m not totally into heavenly bodies related activities so I don’t think I want to go to Space but if it is just easier to go there then I might consider travelling to Space just to have an experience what it is like when you are in space. It is just to satisfy my curiosity and to compare it with what we are experiencing here inside the Earth. Some space enthusiast people said that space is very interesting but I don’t want to be an astronaut and live in space forever.


Yeah, why not, if I have a chance, this gonna be an opportunity for me to see the earth through space and somehow be part of the history. I’m going to make it happens all of my out of this world ideas. :slight_smile:


I think that humans have been wanting to travel in space because it is in the human nature to explore what surrounds us. I would love to go into the space and explore other planets and heavenly bodies. I believe that curiosity can lead people to great achievements.


I would like to take a trip into space before I die. I guess it depends on how much space travel comes down in price. It sounds pretty awesome actually.


There was once a free ticket to Mars before and I don’t know if its true and I am wondering if anyone availed of that “free” one-way ticket… haha… this sounds crazy but I really read that article before in the internet. Well, I won’t and not interested to go to space.


I am a woman but I will not follow the trend. I will definitely want to go to space. This is because I love exploring new things and the fact that, if given the chance, only few people have the opportunity to go there.


Yes definitely I like to go to space if I would be given a chance since it is a privileged and a pleasure to be there since not all people are able to go there for different reasons.I want to experience the feeling when you are in space and how life could be there.


I don’t think that I would, not with the current technology anyway.

The thing is, and I’m not ashamed to admit this, I’m not exactly the bravest guy. I think that the men and women who go up into space, and especially those who landed on the moon, are some of the bravest people that humanity has to offer. I have anxiety just getting on a plane that goes up to 30,000 feet, and that’s one of the most common forms of transportation we have.

If we had some super space ships out of some science fiction movie, I might reconsider. But these rockets that shoot up into orbit on what is basically a controlled explosion? I’ll pass.


Yes, I would. It’s definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Lots of people have dreamed of going there someday. So if you got the chance, why not take it? I’ll always hope to be one of the lucky few to go there. :grinning:


No, my life is too short and too beautiful to risk it like that. Space is usually connected to spending too many years there, and I cannot live without delicious food, shopping, new movies and the beach. I am sure that those who fly to space are ready to sacrifice their lives for the great mission. They are also well-skilled and prepared morally, psychologically and physically.


I think going to space has lots of uncertainty since there is a possible that a certain individual could not go back to the earth if certain problem arises since sometimes we cannot predict what might gonna happen. It is really a choice for everyone to go to space or not since it entails a lot of confidence and bravery since there is no assurance that the travel into space would be successful.


You’re so funny! I understand where you’re coming from. Actually, I didn’t think that we could never go back to Earth once we’re there. I thought we only had limited visits like say every few years or so. :joy:

But let’s say you could go back once every 5 years for like a 1 month vacation on Earth, would you be okay with that? :grinning:


I haven’t considered the trip there. I always assumed that it would be successful. I mean, how can there be a story if not even halfway through the plot the protagonist dies? :sweat_smile:

But if someone offered me the chance to go there, I’d really think about it. Because at the end of the day, what do you really have to lose?

I think some people who don’t have any emotional attachments like family and friends might see this as the opportunity they’ve been waiting for. But if you’re living a happy life here, then that answer will probably be “no.”


I would if it is safe enough. There’s always a risk of something going wrong and I would die with everybody onboard with me instantaneously if the transportation explodes.
Or we could die of suffocation if we somehow lose our oxygen source.


Honestly I would not be fine for that unless I have a girlfriend in the space so that I will not feel the loneliness with my partner.:joy: I need someone to eliminate my boredom since five years is a long years of stay wherein you could only see everything in space It would be a dilemma on my part if I would stay their for a long time.:joy:


I cannot comprehend what you mean… or can I? :joy:

What would you need a girlfriend for? I’m sure other people can keep you company. I’d be fine if I got to meet great new people. Though, it’s kind of a risk since you’re never sure if you’ll meet the right kind of people. :laughing:


I feel like you’re on a space simulation or something. It sounds like you’ve been through the worst of it. :joy:

But I wouldn’t hold my breath. It’s still too early to even fantasize about going to space. When you think about it, it’s kind of a dual situation. It’s both a privilege and a life sentence. :sweat_smile:

What do you make of it? :rofl: