Would you date an Italian?


Say you were in Italy and you met this amazing person and really connected. If you were single, would you date that person? Even if you were just there for a short holiday?


This is a good question but I am not sure about my answer. I am with a guy now, he does not live in Italy but his Mum is Italian and he has Italian family and is half Italian so I guess in a sense you could say I am dating someone who is Italian. Would I date a full blown Italian though? That I could not answer unless I was put in a situation where I met someone who was.


My fiance is an Italian so yes, Yes I would. haha

She is amazing though she doesn’t know much about her family. I am helping her to get back in touch with everyone and I am really excited to be a part of it. She is beautiful. Olive skin, dark hair, green eyes, curves for days… Something about Italian women is perfect to me.


Those are good points. I too would date an Italian if we were attracted to each other and the personality matches. I would date a lady from any kind of culture if like I said we were attracted to each other and our personalities click.


I don;t see why not. However, though, relationships with people from other cultures can be troublesome because there is often no commonality. In other words, your mate might not be able to truly understand you cause they have no understanding of your culture.


Ohhhh dear. I would. In a heart beat. But I’m old, so there’s no romance for me. No chance to go to Italy, meet a young stud to sweep me off my feet.


But that’s only becuase I’m divorced right now, and all I want is a nice, simple romance, and I love Italy. As an Italian American I know how hot blooded and passionate they can be.


I’m sure possibly 1st generation Italian Americans could relate to an Italian for romance, but I think later generations would have a gap. Because ultimately, Italians aren’t Americans. Myself, I’ve been to other nations and I can assure you they, whatever nationality group, and I don’t mean this in a bad way, are different.


Sure I would
At least life with them is not pretty boring. They can be fun to be with sometimes. Trust me They’ll always wanna teach you something new about their culture hahaa
My personal experience Though


Yes, yes, yes! I have dated an Italian man and let me tell you that I never had such a romantic relationship. He sang to me, brought me flowers, complimented me and more. He moved back to Italy and I only get to talk to him on the phone now. Boy, I sure miss him!


I glad that Ambrosia had such a positive experience, but I cannot say the same. I found the Italian that I dated to be very possessive and demanding. Not that all that is bad, you understand, I just didn’t find it my cup of tea. We split rather quickly but still remain friends.


Why not? I am Asian and I can’t see anything wrong dating foreigner or an Italian for that matter. As I expect it, if I would described dating an Italian it would be adventurous. Why? Well, the fact that you are both different from each other and for that you will be learning new things.


I think Italians are nice and intelligent people. It’d be great to have a date with them. Though, I’m not expecting to have a passionate romance. Sometimes going on dates is fun the way it is. Enjoy the experience and you’ll have a memory worth remembering. :laughing:


Yes, because I believe that Italian girls are very romantic. The city of Rome is known for being one of the most romantic cities in the world, and romance is what keeps the relationship alive. The reason why I would date an Italian girl is because they are beautiful both inside and out. Along with their gorgeous hair, beautiful eyes, and flawless complexion, Italian girls have hearts made out of gold!


Yes, why not? She’s gonna be the reason now to keep coming back there. With a lot of lovely and romantic places there, I’m sure the girls also doing the same.


This is a very interesting question and it made me think a lot before I started typing my reply. For me, I guess if it’s really love at first sight then I might consider dating an Italian. However I’m afraid I’ll feel really insecure because of the possible height difference. I am a Filipino and I’m not very tall compared to Italians. It might be very impossibke to find one that is shorter than me or has the same height in Italy so I guess I might not be able to date someone who’s Italian.


If she seems nice, then there is no harm in dating her. Even though she is Italian and I’m not, there is no problem in getting to know her. I’ve heard that Italian girls are cute and also they have a good heart!


Well, as for now, I am married, but if I had had a nice opportunity, I would have dated a handsome Italian guy. I do not think that I am a person who could marry an Italian man, but I would like to get such experience. To my mind, most of the Italian men are broad-minded, easy-going and have good manners being with a female.


Nationality doesn’t come into it for me - as long as the person was nice and I got along with them well then sure! In saying that though if it was just a short vacation I might think twice - no one wants to sign up for heartbreak!


Italians are always good-natured, hospitable, and give the shirt off their backs to help a friend or family member. But take advantage of their kindness even once and you enter into a danger zone. They look innocent enough, but stay on your toes and don’t upset them. I would compare the wrath of an Italian to something out of a horror movie, or a tornado that keeps gaining momentum but never stops … or a small-scale version of Hiroshima. On the flip-side, it’s this same hot-bloodedness that makes them such passionate creatures. They have huge hearts but also aren’t afraid to fight. What’s sexier than a woman who is full to bursting with passion and won’t take nonsense from anyone?


There was another thread here where I had mentioned literally every girl I’ve ever dated had some degree of Italian heritage. Sure they were American-Italian, but the blood and tradition was still very much present. Because of my history with dating Italians, I can only imagine that I wouldn’t have any problems with dating an Italian woman in Italy. If I was in Italy and happened to click with this woman, I don’t see why I wouldn’t take the opportunity.

Heck, Italy is about a six hour drive away from where I currently live so I might as well give it a shot! Haha.