Working as an Au Pair in Italy


Has anybody ever worked as an au pair in Italy, or knows of somebody who has done this sort of work? There seem to be plenty of opportunities for short term posts at certain times of the year (school holidays). That would appeal to me if I could earn enough to travel for a few weeks afterward. It would be a good way to pick up some Italian also.


Not too long ago I saw an ad for a position like this, although it wasn’t short term, but the amenities of life with this particular family sounded wonderful! The compensation was very generous and the au pair would also have a maid and a butler at her disposal. There was extensive travel with the family involved, which was paid for, of course. I wish I had thought of doing this before I started a family of my own.


I’ve heard about this sort of opportunity, it sounds like it would be a good experience to undertake. A person who became a friend of mine came from another country to the US to do something similar. The problem he ran into was that his English was very limited, and that made it really hard for him to communicate with people outside of his host family. I say that because you say it would be a good way to pick up some Italian, and I think that perhaps (although I could be wrong) maybe you’ll want to pick up quite a bit of Italian before you go, if you decide to take a job like this.

I’m in no means fluent in any language other than English, but I have a few Italian language books, and I’ve studied some online. I think that you can definitely learn a lot of key Italian phrases in just a few weeks if you have the time to dedicate to study.

That would be really nice if, like you wrote here, you earn enough on the job to be able to do some traveling after the job is finished.
Good luck to you if you decide to do it. Being able to say, “I worked/am working as an au pair in Italy” definitely has a really nice ring to it.