Why do guys love consoles?


I really don’t understand why people choose to play on console. With PC you:
Don’t have to pay for online
Get INSANE deals (got CoD Ghosts with all DLC for 5 dollars, and Borderlands 2 for 5 dollars. Resident Evil Revelations 5 for 75 cents)
Don’t have to buy a new machine to get new games
Don’t have to buy a new machine to get better performance
Can choose how you want the experience to be (better graphics, better frames, or a super cheap experience)
Can use any controller you want or you can use keyboard and mouse
Can use any voice communication method you want
I just don’t understand why the majority of people prefer consoles. I don’t see any advantages to it honestly.


@DarkCraftPlayz It looks like you’re a PC gamer just like me who hates console. I never enjoyed playing games over a console. I’m more used to playing games with a keyboard and mouse. Moreover, when you’re playing on PC, you can tweak the settings to get the best performance.


I personally prefer to play most games with a keyboard and mouse. I find that keyboards and mouse offer more control and accuracy than a console controller. At the end of the day, it’s all about personal preference. I am currently playing Dota 2. But, sometimes I play Monster Hunter and Metal Gear Solid Peace walker in my console.


I guess its a preference thing. Some people prefer playing on game consoles because it is very easy to set up. You just plug it into your TV and download or insert the game that you want to play.

Whereas on PC, you’ll have to make sure your machine can handle the game and you will have to make some upgrades to have smooth gameplay.


I’m a PC gamer, but I honestly can’t say that I hate consoles. I don’t own one and don’t intend on owning one any time soon, however I can understand the appeal behind them.

For one thing, they have better exclusive titles. When was the last time we got a really good exclusive title on PC, or at least one that wasn’t eventually ported to consoles anyway?

Speaking of porting, a lot of triple A titles often get terrible ports on PC, with bad controls and optimization.

On the topic of performance and optimization, as PC gamers we constantly have to upgrade our rigs, or else you slowly have to start turning down the settings of newer games. When you buy a console, you make that one-time payment and know that you’ll be able to play every game for the next few years.

The fact is that PC gaming is more of a hassle and sometimes more expensive just so you can emulate the homogeneous experience of console gaming. It isn’t for everyone.

That being said, I still prefer PC’s.


Well, we have a console. The keyboard and mouse are no longer needed in games, the main thing is the gamepad, where the game control is made from one device, which is much more convenient. I think that a large TV screen is much better suited for games than a small computer screen, moreover, it is believed that games for consoles have more vivid graphics.
My husband has noted that games developed for PC come with a huge delay than for game consoles.


That is true that there are many disadvantage on spending your time playing on consoles than PC, and when it comes to satisfaction or amusement PC or online gaming is also a best option. But some people is having a different way of searching amusement for their own self, maybe they still feel that the gadgets of old times is more enjoyable than the present, you can’t cheat on consoles unlike on PC, and in my own experience there is something in consoles that it really feels good to play with it than PC. I can’t explain or maybe its just because its an old thing and a great gadget also.


I still prefer to use game consoles with certain games. They’re the appropriate gadget for playing effectively. Some games don’t work well using other platforms like PC.

Most of my favorite games are the classic NES games.


I know what you mean. Console gaming is the most satisfying kind of experience. You get to practice your playing skills. And you learn different techniques with timing and such. Very intuitive experience.