Who's The Greatest Italian Player?


I think it is Andrea Pirlo (at least, for me).

Pirlo has given fans so many great moments to cherish. He’s not as good as Messi/Ronaldo, but he’s a legend in my book.

Who do you think is the greatest player from Italy?


Andrea Pirlo is a fantastic player, I agree. I just read he announced his retirement:

For me, it’s Paolo Maldini without a doubt. AC Milan during his reign was the most incredible team I have ever seen.


It sucks that Pirlo announced his retirement. I thought he could play his last world cup in 2018. Anyway, he is 38, so he’s old now (for this sport).

I never saw Paolini Maldini play. I can’t comment on his playing style.


I vote for Roberto Baggio What an incredible player :heart_eyes:
Pirlo said he learned a lot from him and Guardiola, when they used to play together in Brescia.


There is only one Italian all time best for me and it is Gianluigi Buffon. This man is an epitome of loyalty, doggedness and creativity. He served Italian national team with all his heart and replicate same for Juventus too.


I’m not a big soccer fan, but many of my friends who are would agree with you, Justindave :smiley:
The guy is a true Italian football legend, one that never stops to amaze: https://www.thelocal.it/20171123/gianluigi-buffon-strips-boxer-shorts-juventus


One of the best Italian Players for sure Mister Dino Zoff,
if we looking who is in the game today, there is Verratti


Most certainly Pirlo is my pick too. I can’t imagine the national team without him!


Buffon is an absolute legend, in terms of a player and a human being :slight_smile: