Who is a novels fan here?


I love novels and I can’t live without them :slight_smile:
I started taking English classes 2 years ago and my teacher is advised me to read Harry Potter.
That was when I got into novels. I really like them.
I literally spent my whole summer vacations last year reading them. I used to wake up at 10 and started reading from 12 in the noon to 7 in the evening.
I have completed more than 250 novels by now and I am always looking for more.
Tell me your experiences with novels below :slight_smile:


My favorite author is Sophie Kinsella - she does the Shopaholic series of books as well as a number of other great reads. I also really like Liane Moriarty who wrote Big Little Lies and has written some other fantastic novels as well.

Naturally though the Harry Potter series is a massive favorite too - all over the world!


Most of all, I like Russian novels. I am sure that there are around twenty must-read novels. I would like to recommend you “The Karamazov Brothers” by Fyodor Dostoevsky. The novel represents a deep and complicated detective story. It was written in the XIX century. I can call it an “exciting novel-thriller.” I am sure that it is worth reading.


Does light novels count? I read light novels of anime because they are discontinued. I am enjoying it right now because I just got right into reading books. It turns out reading is really enjoyable if you find a genre or a type of book that you are really interested in.


I love reading novels but I have to read it for at least 3 months until I can finish a whole book. It’s actually because I always sleep after reading at least 5 pages. I don’t know why it’s like that but I guess it’s because the words novel writers use on their novels are too complicated that my brain uses it’s full ability to understand the whole story.


I read novels just like you few years ago. I love reading love novels and getting many idea on writing my own. But today, I only read bible and I enjoy it.


I used to be really into classic literature. I figured there was a reason they were considered classics, so I started reading novels in that category and found myself hooked by most of the ones I read! I’ve been moving more toward graphic novels recently, but I still have a desire to read a lot of classic books.

I think of my favorites was The Count of Monte Cristo. It’s a pretty wild ride.


I’m actually not that much of a fan of reading novels, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like reading in general. Mostly, I’m a non-fiction kind of guy. I like reading and studying books on topics like history, astronomy, as well as theology and spiritualism. When I read I want to get some sort of knowledge out of it. Reading for entertainment just doesn’t work for me, as I’d rather just watch something instead. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t read my fair share of novels in the past, though. I’ve read every book in the Harry Potter and A Song of Ice Fire series’ (ASoIF was a real trial sometimes), as well as the Lord of the Rings trilogy (including The Hobbit). Besides such mainstream novels, I’ve never felt compelled to pursue any other ones.


I’m not a fan but I certainly appreciated this book and the skill in crafting such a story exploring the intense themes of what lies beneath the surface of ordinary people. It was “The Day of the Owl” (Leonardo Sciascia). This short, beautifully paced novel is a mesmerizing description of the Mafia at work.


I like novels. I like John Grisham. He is a very good and readable writer. I enjoy alot of different types of novels…funny, serious, murder etc.