Which musical instrument do you like to play?


I love to play flute. It is just a gorgeous instrument, and I’ve found that I can really express things through my playing. When I play, sure I do it because I love playing, it’s fun, challenging, refreshing. But, what I love more is making people feel something when I play. This can be accomplished on any instrument really, but for me its flute. I feel I can really lose myself when I play flute, and I find it very captivating.

I remember how my passion all started haha, my friend was playing her solo for solo and ensemble, and I was in there listening, and felt all these emotions coming up as she was playing(yeah I know cheesy…) it was amazing lol. But yeah…


I don’t play one at this time, but I used to play piano and a bit of guitar. I went through a phase where I was very musically interested, but now I am not. I mean I like music…but not that interested in playing at the current time.


I really like to play the guitar but my mind dont understand how it works. So I stay in playing drums. Not good but only an average player.


I love to play Conga drums. I can create several different sounds and pitches. I often use five simple strokes for playing. Using 4 fingers near the rim of the drum, I can create a clear, melodic sound.