Which musical instrument do you like to play?


I’ve been really interested in guitar since I was young. I always watch some video tutorials for guitar covers and how can I play it properly. I even bought one from my own savings (extra from my allowance) so that I can easily apply it personally. I tried to cover some anime theme songs on my own and thankfully it turned out well. Playing guitar while jamming with your friends just for leisure is really enjoyable and I love it so much.


I don’t actually play a musical instrument sadly…but if I could choose one I’d probably say guitar or drums would be my go-to instrument. I do wish I’d learned an instrument when I was younger, so that it was just second nature by now! Has anyone taken lessons as an adult?


I play the piano because for me the piano is a wonderful instrument. I love the tone it produces, I like the fact that you can play many notes at the same time, so you produce melody and harmony.


I love playing Guitar :slight_smile:
I have been playing guitar for 2 years now and it’s still as fun as it was 2 years ago :slight_smile:
I am expert now in finger style and I have played for my school on several occasions and won several music competitions.
If you are new to music and are searching for an instrument to learn, I will highly recommend Guitar :slight_smile:


My mother is a piano teacher, I can play the piano. I do enjoy it, music relaxes me and gives good emotions. I like classic and jazz. I did not get musical education, I learn the song by heart and then play it. My favorite one is Petrenko “Waltz.” I believe that music makes our inner world richer.


i like to play a guitar but sadly I really don’t how to use it. I am a beginner in playing a guitar, since I am a music lover I decide to learn from it so that I will not feel bored whenever I don’t have some work to do for the day. I love to sing while playing a guitar because it makes me feel relax and happy even in just a short period of time.


I also like playing the guitar. I was introduced to guitars because many family members are good at playing it. Classmates in high school are the ones who taught me the basics. I learned further by educating myself on the internet by watching video tutorials.


I know how to read musical notes and play the keyboard or piano, but I am not a expert or well pianist. I just like to play it when I was bored but then seems around more than 5 years I guess the last time I played it. Don’t worry I am still young because I studied piano early . So my answer in your question what musical instrument I would like to play , that is definitely PIANO!! :slight_smile:


Hi Amelia. If you are really interested to learn how to play a certain musical instrument, I think you can still enroll to some guitar or drums lessons out there. It maybe hard for you to join on the younger groups but age does not matter and learning on anything does not require any specific age. Therefore if you think you really want to enjoy playing a guitar or a drums on your own then follow what you desire and if you think it does not suitable for you then you can always enjoy watching those great guitarists and drummers out there. I used to do that though.


Hi Jack of all trades! Wow! seriously, a piano? You know what, I admire those professional pianists or even those people who know how to play a piano. Yes, I agree how it is enjoyable to hear some piano notes. And I think it is not that easy to learn how to play it so I really admire those who can play a piano. I’m glad to know that you are one of them. That’s a great talent, too.


Thank you, but it really wasn’t that big of a deal. :rofl: I usually play the piano when I’m sad or if I want to relax a bit. When it comes to playing the piano I still have a lot to learn.

I was just admiring your talent as well. I hope one day I can hear your guitar covers.


That’s encouraging, thank you! I think I just have to get over the mindset of feeling like I can’t learn an instrument now because I’m already 30 - but there’s always still time! I’ll have to check in my local area and see what’s on offer in terms of classes.


I don’t know how to play musical instruments well but I know the basics about the piano and I’m very interested to learn everything about it However, I still don’t have the money to buy one. Maybe after saving some money but that would take a lot of time and so I just resorted in to watching videos on YouTube. Hopefully I can still use my learning after buying one.


I used to play my guitar since I was in high school. Just the typical acoustic guitar. Playing my guitar also is my past time specially if I have enough time at night before sleep. I also want to study the violin but because of my time, it’s still in planning.


Wow. That’s good to hear then! Congratulations on winning to your competitions. You must be really good at guitar and I’m glad you show off to the world the talent you have and it is worth it because you mentioned that you played for your school several times. I haven’t tried to play the guitar in finger style because I’m still having moving my fingers in the proper strings and that style requires a fast hand transition and you are maybe really musically inclined so that’s why you’re that great. Keep it up and never stop learning. I wish it’ll also apply to me so that I can improve my skill.


Wow. Really? That’s great! I really admire people who knows how to play a piano. You mentioned the word waltz and it made me suddenly remember one korean drama which was I watched a long time ago. The title is Spring Waltz. The male leading man is the pianist there and he eventually became one of the most greatest and popular pianist in some certain countries and he often plays waltz just what you like.


I’ve been playing drums for close to 10 years now. I don’t play nearly as often as I used to or as much as I’d like, but it’s cool being able to have that talent just on hand. If I could start a band, I would do that in a heartbeat.


I do not play any instruments at this time, but in the past, I used to play the guitar and also the piano. I enjoyed them both…but I am not musically talented really so they were kind of a struggle at times.


This is drums is also one of my favorite instrument. I really like how the drummer steal the show specially with a lot of cymbals. I want to learn this instrument before but guitar got my attention, beside, having a drum set is really expensive.


I’ve been playing guitar since I was about 15 years old, so that means about 11 years now.

I started off my musical hobby by playing piano when I was a kid. My dad was a keyboardist for a band, and therefore I always had access to pianos and synthesizers. I would noodle around here and there, but I wasn’t serious about music since I didn’t really love playing the keyboard much.

Then one day I was at my cousin’s house, and his parents had just bought him a guitar. He let me give it a try, and I instantly fell in love. Right away I knew that this was what I wanted to play.

Since then I’ve gone through several models of guitars, until I finally settled on my Gibson Les Paul. I don’t have enough time to play much these days, but I always pick it up for a quick jam session when I have some time and want to relax a bit.