Which is a good region for a painting holiday?


This is another one that was an example that I decided to make into a topic.

I’m not much of a painter but I’m really interested to know where painters get their inspiration from.


THE region for a painting holiday would be Tuscany (Toscana) without a doubt, thus any other region would also make up for just as an exciting painting holiday.


I’d say Venice was pretty great with some nice scenery an artists might admire, but I can’t say for sure. Tuscany looks great but I haven’t personally been!


I like Cinque Terre. Here is a photo I found that would make a great painting!

It is so colorful and beautiful! I would really like to have this as a painting. Of course, there are wonderful places all over Italy that you could paint and have a great picture. Good luck on finding your favorite! It’s really hard to do.


I agree with Dan that Tuscany is the one! Chianti Tuscany is where this picture was taken and it would make a really nice painting. It would surely be fun to go there and pick out the landscape and foreground that you wanted!


Very nice pictures you both posted. This goes to show that any place with beautiful scenery will fit the bill, and that you can find in any region.


Wow, these photos are incredible! I have never brought my paints along with me to my travels before. I should do that the next time I go somewhere, especially Italy! However, it would almost have to be a blindfolded, point- your-finger-at-a-map kind of a thing because there is so much beauty and culture in Italy to capture!