Which city in Italy impressed you most?


If you’ve already traveled to Italy, which city impressed you the most?
Is there any destination in particular you love, or do you still need to visit a couple more Italian places to decide? :slight_smile:


Treviso impressed me the most, really. I didn’t knew anything about it, thus I wasn’t having any expectation. I ended up in Treviso simply because that’s where I’ve stayed on a trip to Venice (they have an airport and very good links to Venice by train). It was easier to set up base in Treviso and visit a few of Veneto’s cities.

To me it’s the perfectly sized city: not too big, not too small. Also, not very touristy (thanks to the closeness to Venice and Verona), but very close to tourist attractions :smiley: so you can easily visit them.

The city itself is very beautiful, filled with canals (nicknamed Citta d’Acqua), lovely historic center entirely surrounded by fortified walls and canals (La Mura di Treviso).

Photos speak a thousand words they say.


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I’ve only heard about Treviso, but have never seen it in pictures. Are these yours? Treviso looks amazing!
Also, thank you so much for sharing your experience! It really helps to know where to stay when visiting Venice and the area. I never would have thought of finding accommodation near Venice… Good thinking!


Pictures are mine :). Thank you!

Treviso is a very comfortable base for visiting Venice. Trains are like every 10-15 minutes or so, anyway, so often that you don’t really care or keep track of. You just go to the station, purchase the tickets from the automatic ticket machines and off you go to meet La Serenissima. 30-40 minutes trip time.

Of course staying in Venice is an experience in itself and you should definitely try that if you are not bound to some specific airport (eg. Treviso’s airport), awkward airport arriving/departure times, limited time or want to visit other places in Veneto .etc.


The city of Procida, just off the coast of Naples is absolutely stunning. Drop by and just sit at a cafe for a coffee, you won’t regret it. Also some of the friendliest locals I’ve ever met!


Aww, lovely Treviso, yes! It’s indeed a very good location if you want to visit Venice and you don’t want to spend much. Another clever choise if you’re travelling to the Veneto area and you want to save money is to stay in Vicenza (35 minutes from Verona by train and 1 h from Venezia…but it’s 50 minutes if you catch a Regionale Veloce)


Basilica Palladiana al tramonto, Vicenza

Loggia Valmarana - Giardino Salvi, Vicenza

It’s mostly famous for the Palladian Architecture and for being “the city of gold” since there’s a long tradition in jewel-making.


I just LOVE Italian cities by the sea or lake! Procida looks amazing!
So far, I was very impressed when I first visited Genoa. The seaside laying under the mountains is just magical!

I’m also impressed by the Cinque Terre, but I’ve never actually been there. I’ll definitely come back to this topic and ‘brag’ with photos when I’ll visit :stuck_out_tongue:


Padua did it for me, absolutely stunning architecture!


Prato della Valle is one of the most stunning piazzas in the whole Europe :heart_eyes:


I’m with you, Italy has so much to offer but the sea side towns are unbelievable!


I’ve always had a soft spot for the seaside. Maybe because at home, I have to drive half a day to get there, but in Italy, the sea is so close (like, regardless where you live in Italy, you either go left or right, you’ll soon end up at the seaside! :D)


Wow those are some awesome pictures. Makes me want to go to Italy as soon as possible. Haha.


What’s stopping you? :smiley: haha!

Italy is such a beautiful country and is 100% worth visiting. You literally have everything here: history and architecture, beaches to relax by the lake or seaside, you can have fun and experience nightlife in the big cities, fashion (well… Milan is probably best known for this). You really can’t go wrong when visiting Italy :smiley: