Which Casinos are the best in Italy


This section is about information about the best casinos in Italy tourist can have fun.

Italian and tourist presently in Italy kindly educate us please.


The only Casino I went to on my trip to Italy would be the Casino of Venice (Casino Di Venezia if I remember correctly).

I tried not to spend too much time in Casinos because a Casino in one part of the world is the same as a Casino in others. It was a great casino, No doubt about it, but it wasn’t anything special either. And I wanted to spend my time in Italy doing things and seeing things I couldn’t see back home!


Italy surely has a lot of casinos, but so does any other country in Europe. I would also say that there is nothing special about Italian casinos and casinos are also not really that huge a part of Italian culture.


Casino de la Valle is the biggest casino in Italy with 95 table games and 512 slot and video poker games. Knock yourself out! Just make sure you keep an eye on your budget. You wouldn’t want to lose it all on vacation!


Well… I will go for The Casino Le Palme San Giovani Teatino. This casino is open 24 hours a day.The casino features a unique concept of gaming and entertainment with high quality service and luxurious decors to satisfy the need of its visitors.


I’ve never been to a casino before, not in Italy or any other country. I guess when I think about casinos, I associate them with losing money, alcohol and every other negative details you see in movies :smiley:
Are Italian casinos even similar to how they portray them on the big screen?


This is interesting as I never thought they would have many casinos… this could be a good way for me to kill some extra time with my upcoming trip!


There are so many better ways to kill time than wasting in a silly casino!


Absolutely, take a drive or just sit at one of the cafes and enjoy the air :wink:


Actually, Italians are quit the gamblers. There are many who need help, because they loose a lot of money. And they’re regular people, with minimum income. It’s sad when I hear these stories, there are people who either get their pensions check or their salary, and the first thing they do is stop at any tabacco shop and either lose hundreds at the slot machines or buy lottery ticket after lottery ticket.

Of course, this is a global problem, it’s not just in Italy.