Where do you like to spend your vacation?


I would like to spend my vacation in my mother’s hometown at Daraga albay bicol in my country in the Philippines where there were beautiful scenery and historic places. It feels great to unwind to some places with beautiful scenery I feel relax and comfortable about it and I am very happy to have it even just once in a year. The fresh air in the province and the calmness of the river and the sea makes my day worthwhile. I like the fact that the people there are friendly and the place is also peaceful for everyone.


I love natural beauty, and thus I want to spend my vacation in a resort. Just immersing myself in nature makes me happy. Seeing the trees, grass, and birds chirping all around makes me ponder how beautiful planet Earth is.


I love to spend my vacation to some beautiful water falls and beaches in the Philippines if I only have much money to travel to different places in my country. It makes me feel relax since I like to have some sort of travel adventure that I had never experienced before in my entire life. It feels great to visit and enjoy the different beautiful sceneries and the unique culture in every places that I would try to visit.