Where do you like to spend your vacation?


Here are some options:
Beach, Tropical forest or Snow Mountain?
I like spend my vacation here in my province. There are many great campgrounds and places to go and things to do here.

What about you? I don’t travel too far often as it’s really expensive to do so but Italy is definitely on my bucket list!


I have been on only a few but I prefer places with beaches mainly because I love being near the ocean. The air is so much different the closer you are and it is almost hypnotic to look out on the water.


I am actually not a beach person at all. I’ve tried going to the beach several times and doing all the activities but I would much rather be lost in the mountains with all that beautiful scenery than being at the beach.


From the 3 you mentioned, I would prefer Beach or Tropical Forest. I’m not a fan of the cold.

But I usually like to spend my vacation at home just chilling, even going on trips can be quite stressful although fun!


Cheapest option that I have to go with in my life since in today’s world does cost allot for a week away. That being said there are allot of places I yet to go and visit in the UK :slight_smile:


Definitely has to be beach for me. I love being able to just relax outside in the sunshine, listening to the sounds of the sea as I relax. When you have kids this is perfect too as they can spend hours upon hours on the beach whilst you relax and it’s not costing you much at all.


The Bahamas. It’s sunny, it’s tropical and full of beautiful beaches and fun activities. Its just the perfect vacation destination for me at the moment


I’m down for anything. I enjoy all seasons, but I don’t think I’d want to do a long trip in a cold and snowy area. Just enough to ski/board for several days.


I would want to be at the beach because I live in the mountains - so want a change in scenery. Also, note the beach is quite far from here. In fact, I haven’t been to the beach since 2010 I think.


I think I’d also prefer the beach from the three you mentioned. Whilst I’d like an adventure in the mountains, the beach is such a nice place to relax. Plus it’s too cold to enjoy the beach where I’m from, so it’s a nice place to visit and relax on holiday.


I haven’t been in a tropical forest, ever, but I’ve visited few beaches and been to the mountains a couple times here, in Italy.
I have to say the beach experience is very interesting!
You have the seaide, with beautiful beaches and landscapes, with many people, lots of activities, fun times. And then you have the lakes, with breathtaking sceneries and a much calmer environment.
Has anyone ever notice this before? It’s so interesting!


I prefer beach vacations. One of my favorites was Okinawa.


The Philippines is truly one country blessed with so many vacation hotspots. Palawan is an increasingly popular vacation destination in the Philippines. Puerto Princessa is probably the most famous destination in Palawan, as it has been selected as one of the New7wonders of Nature, officially confirmed on January 28, 2012. I really like this kind of place and soon I would like to go and visit Palawan and sure it will be a fun time for me to see the natural beauty of this region myself.


I like to spend my vacation on beach because I love the environment on the sea shore and I like to swim on the beach also than on swimming pools because the gravity of salt water will help you float and its easy for you to swim in a long range or help you prolong staying in the water with a minimum effort. I like to eat fresh fish also and it usually serves in beach here in Philippines.


I love going to the seaside in September when the weather is not too hot. I think that ling in the sun on a sandy beach is a great rest. I also enjoy visiting SPA, sauna and other relaxing procedures. Sometimes we go to a swimming pool in the hotel and have alcoholic beverages with exotic fruits there. I like when there are not many people near us. We prefer trustworthy hotels with an excellent service and friendly staff. We believe that our vacation should be relaxing and tension free.


I like a bit of all of those, depending on my mood! I like skiing and snowboarding in winter, but watersports in summer…so it probably depends quite a bit on what season it is as to which type of vacation location I would choose.

If we’re talking countries I want to visit, I definitely want to go to Italy again, but I also have Iceland and Fiji on my bucket list right now.


I love to spend my vacation on the beach because of the healing power it gives me whenever I’m there.However, I would also love to go to Italy even though it’s so expensive to travel there considering my current location which is South East Asia. Hopefully I’ll be able to save some money and travel there in the future.


During vacations, I also want to go to our province. Country life is simple and very relaxing. Aside from the province, I also like to go and travel somewhere that I haven’t been before. I feel alive when I go and visit new places.


It’s nice to go to the beach and enjoy the view of the blue see, the feel of fine, white sand on your feet and the warm sunlight that touches your skin. Also you can go to country places to enjoy nature itself. =)


I like to feel the nature so anywhere that has an interesting spot for nature will definitely my top priority in visiting a certain country or even in our own country. I’d like to see some very and big trees as well as enjoying the cool breeze of the nature’s air. I like to go to some waterfalls too, but I don’t know how to swim yet so that might be scary for my self for I can get into unexpected and unwanted accident.