Where can I fish?


I’m surprised no one has asked this yet as it is in the example for the category. Lol

Anyway, where are the best spots to fish in Italy? I love fishing and I’m really interested!


In a country surrounded by water, you will never run out of amazing places where you can go fishing: sea fishing, river fishing, lake fishing .etc. It has you covered.


I agree with dan, Fishing spots are plentiful in Italy, just go somewhere near the coast and have at it!

I wonder if it is legal to fish in the Venice Canals, Although I doubt there’s anything to catch :slight_smile:


Italy is one of those Countries that is surrounded by water, anywhere you find water you will more than likely catch fish I am guessing, it would just be a case of trial and error until you found a great spot to fish and catch something.

Venice Canals would be an amazing place to fish however like you, I am unsure if it is legal or even if you would catch anything in there.


Off the coast of Palermo, you can fish for bluefin tuna and Sicilian swordfish. Off the coast of Le Marche, you can fish for trout, crucial carp, rudd et cetera. Depending on where you fish you might need to pay fee.


I haven’t been able to find any information on whether it is legal or not to fish in the Venice Canals, however, you see people (mostly older males) fishing there. I’d be a little leery of eating fish that came from the canals simply because of the smell of the water.


I understand that there are many places in Tuscany to fish. You can even get “fishing tours” there. They will give you transportation (20 minutes), guarantee you catch a fish, feed you a light lunch and give you drinks at the lake. I’m going to try one out the next time I go there! Go to FishinginItaly.com to see more information.