What's your favourite Italian breakfast?


Let’s hear it and maybe I can surprise the wife one morning!


Well, we generally have a simple and sweet breakfast in Italy: coffee / cappuccino / caffelatte with cornetto / biscuits / melba toasts with jam.


I LOVE the croissants! Actually, they’re called “brioches”.
Before I came to Italy, I would just have a bowl of cereals and some coffee to go.
Now, on the other hand, I can’t start my mornings without a genuine cup of Italian coffee. And the chocolate brioches are my absolute favorite! Although you can get them with jam or other type of fillings.


Thank you for the suggestions! I know the espresso is a must but I’m going to combine it with some brioches :slight_smile:


Your wife is going to love them! You have so many choices!

Espresso isn’t necessarily a must, you can have a Cappuccino or even a Ginseng (it’s a sweet drink with little caffeine in it, perfect for those who don’t need a strong kick in the morning).

By the way, talking about coffee choices reminds me of this video:


Don’t forget some ciambella as well! It’s basically a jam filled doughnut! Breakfast in Italy was the most surprising thing for me, I thought it would be sausage and eggs but its actually very sweet.


Yes! The ciambella! Delicious, to say the least.

Here’s a ciambella, it’s soft, it’s sugary, it’s delicious:

This, on the other hand, is called a “conchiglia”, Equally delicious!

This is called a treccia, with different types of filling (this one’s chocolate)

And these are the classic brioches:

Great. Now I’m in the mood for a Italian breakfast! :joy:


Wow, amazing pics, now I’m hungry! Thank you


Hahah!! Yeah, after seeing such pictures, I can imagine why!

It’s actually surprising that Italians mainly prefer sweet foods for breakfast. I’ve read it’s a great way to start off your day, and it also decreases the will to eat extra sweet desserts throughout the rest of the day too! Not that Italians are obese, on the contrary! I think Italians are the slimmest people I know :smiley: