What would your budget be for a two week vacation in Italy?


If you were going to go on an Italian vacation for two, what would your budget be? What would you need as far as expenses go to feel comfortable on your trip? What kinds of corners would you cut in order to get the most out of your budget if you didn’t have a lot to spend, or would you just not go at all and wait until you had more than enough money? All inclusive, soup to nuts, plane ticket, hotel, what would be your budget from wherever you are coming from in the world? If you’ve vacationed in Italy, have you been able to do so economically?


Well, I am the wrong person to ask about a travel budget because I usually like to do things the way I want on a vacation, but if I had to stick to a certain amount, I would probably look at staying at hostels and eating where the locals dine. I might also hit a market and buy some fresh fruit, cheese, bread, and wine and have some picnics or just stay at the room if it had a pretty view.

For sightseeing, I would plan ahead and try to find discounts on tours and places that are free to visit.


You say you’re the wrong person, but you sound like the right person to me. :grin:
I like to do things the way I want to as well. So, may I ask you, on a do-things-the-way-you-like trip to Italy, what would you say is the amount of money that you would need, minimum? Ballpark. 5K, 8K?

Do you think a person could have a nice, ‘bountiful’ vacation to Italy for 3K? I’m just wondering because I have yet to travel outside of the U.S. and it seems to me that traveling overseas would cost a pretty penny. I would love to go to Milan one day, but I have not really, seriously done the numbers because that type of vacation is still a dream to me at this point.


Part of it all depends on where you are going in Italy - big city vs. small town.
For example, I’m heading off to Sicily soon and costs are much more reasonable than Rome - even in their big cities.

Also prices vary at different times of the year. I once visited Amalfi right after their season changed; the hotel prices were dramatically different.

I often rent apartments because they are less expensive. I will have breakfast at home, a nice lunch out, then snack in the apartment for dinner. I’ll go for a passagiata in the evening and stop for a gelato.

You can keep ground costs at about $100 a day per person (food, transportation, lodging, entrance fees, etc.).

If you are a good internet shopper, you can find deals on flights too.

I hope this helps!


My husband and I spent $10K for 10 days in August 2016. I suppose that now, it is a bit more expensive. I bought everything I wanted, we also made presents for our friends. We did not worry about the money during our vacation. I also bought a couple of dresses in Rome. In total, we visited 5 cities for 6 days and spent 4 days in Rome. Maybe you can spend less if you will limit your expenses and travel alone.


I think it depends on what you want to do, and what you want to see. Obviously, the cities are going to be more expensive then the small towns or being in the countryside. It really depends. Probably 3,000 should enable you to have a good time.


The problem with giving budget advice is that it so depends on what is important to you when you travel. Obviously lodging in Venice is more expensive than some places. To get a sense of your budget, pick out some possible hotels and figure out what you will need to internal transportation. I think 6,000 euros will be enough for two weeks vacation in Italy.


As some others have said, it depends on what you plan to do and see. It depends on the type of accommodation you’re choosing, and in what proximity that is to certain city centers. Some types of accommodation in the heart of the city can be pretty pricey, and that’s going to increase the budget pretty substantially.

Things like eats are a factor as well - are you going to eat out for every meal? Are you staying somewhere that has a kitchenette, where you can go and buy food and cook for yourself? Do you want to experience fancy restaurants or are you happy with pretty run-of-the-mill stuff? It’s going to be a different budget for everyone’s personal wants and needs for their trip.