What video games do you enjoy?


What video games do I enjoy ?? I enjoy about 100 of games such as - Fortnite, PubG, San Andreas, GTA V, NFS, FIFA, WWE etc.

But if u ask me which game I enjoy the most then my answer will be - MineCraft.

I have been playing MineCraft for almost 6 years now and I still don’t get bored of playing it for hours. Its an amazing and the most wonderful (atleast I think it is) game in the world. Whether you like survival or you like PvP or strategy or parkour or puzzles, MineCraft is the game for you.

I am so obsessed with MineCraft that I have even started my own YT channel on it a couple of months back which I hope will be famous 1 day. You guys can support me too :smiley: YT - DarkCraftPlayz


My husband enjoys “Fortnite Battle Royale,” so do I. You can play it for free, but you should purchase new skins and emotes. From time to time, you can get new skins for free. As far as I remember, its developer is Epic Games. The quality of this game is good, it is widely discussed on social media. It is rather challenging and exciting. I cannot say that we are obsessed with the game, but we spend several hours during weekends playing it.


Asphalt 8, Real Racing, and anything that involves racing. Racing games are just so thrilling and fun to play. I’m actually not a good driver and I don’t have any driver’s license but I really love driving and because I don’t have any license I just express my love for driving in playing racing video games.


I play Fortnite too. I also play PUBG which is the first Battle Royale shooting game on PC. I prefer playing PUBG because it has a more serious approach to Battle Royale. Fortnite does a fine job of encouraging creativity because you can craft walls, ladders, doors, etc. to help you win encounters with enemies.