What video games do you enjoy?


I like any Mario themed game (with the exception of one or two I couldn’t understand) as well as Donkey Kong ones. Sports games are also fun, especially American football ones.


I love video games, but I like the ones that are mission-based. For example, Assassins Creed is one of my favorite types of games. I just can’t get bored with that :slight_smile:


If you like Assassins Creed, you should also check out the Batman: Arkham games. They are really similar and especially awesome if you like DC and Batman.


I play a variety of genres; first-person shooters,third-person shooters, racing, action-adventure, survival, fighting, and sometimes horror.

Here’s a list of some games that I play/ played:

  • Crossfire Europe
  • Tomb Raider 2013
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • Urcharted 4
  • The last of us
  • Fifa 17
  • Far cry 3, 4 and Primal
  • Sims 3 and 4
  • Beyond
  • Walking Dead Survival Instinct
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  • Slender
  • Need for speed Underground 1 and 2, Most Wanted, Hot Pursuit


I like video games also. I the racing games, specially the need for speed. I really like how to customize my car after winning in a race, it’s really fun to play that video game. There are some computer game like red alert ant the generals that I used to play when I was in college. but this need for speed is the only one I installed in my computer.


Is the question related to Italy, popular video game in Italy? Well, I think popular video games nowadays are spread out to most countries like in Italy but I don’t have any idea which video games did the Italian gamers love to play. In my personal choice, i love playing multiple online arena battle type of video games.


When it comes to video games, Minecraft is one of the best. You can find parkour, PvP, strategy, survival, art, login all combined in one in Minecraft.

I have been playing Minecraft for 4 years now and I still don’t get bored playing it for 6 hours.

I have also started a Youtube channel related to Minecraft. My youtube username is - DarkCraftPlayz. Please support me :slight_smile:


I like Super Mario too. It’s just a classic game that somewhat never gets old. It’s not something to play repeatedly. But it is a game you can fondly revisit from time to time particularly, when you feel like it.


During my early childhood I love playing video games in my cousin’s playstation. But now that I’m all grown up what I play is the applications in my smartphone. What I play now are puzzled theme games. I am currently playing wordscapes and peppy pairs. I don’t know if you can consider that as video games. LOL!


When I was still studying, I loved playing console games. The Playstation console was my favorite. It was the console that introduced me to awesome games like Final Fantasy, Xenogears, Chrono Cross, Resident Evil and Tekken. My obsession with console video games continued up to the PS3.

Now, things have changed. I already have a job. I work from 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening. When I get home, I do some more online stuff. I find it hard to play console video games right now. That’s why I feel in love with android games. I can play whenever I want. I can play on the go. I have a lot of games installed in my phone and I play them whenever I get bored at work.

My current favorites are the following:
-Shadowgun: Deadzone
-Basketball Hero
-NBA 2k18
-Castle Crush


I love JRPG games because it takes a lot of time to finish and the story in these games are always very good. Some examples of RPG games that I’ve played are Final Fantasy series, Chrono Trigger/Cross, Kingdom Hearts, Suikoden, etc. I feel that they are worth the money because you’ll be spending a very large amount of time to finish the main quests and then the remaining side quests if there are any.

I also like shooting-action games like the Uncharted series. I play these to spice things up because I want to switch game genres every game that I finish.


@EfficientNinja I love Kingdom Hearts! It’s one of the only games I ever play anymore. I’m jazzed about the new game coming out this year. (Is it still coming out this year? Man, I hope so.) I used to love Mario games too, @Frequent_Flyer. Mario Party is still one of my favorite games!


I love games that have a good story and graphics. Some of the games that I enjoyed playing are Far Cry, The Walking Dead, GTA V and Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare.


I like playing League of Legends. It’s an online game and you can play it with your friends of family. It’s a bit addicting based on my own experience. I’ve been so hooked up in this game when I’m in my my grade school. Together with my friends, we always play after the class and spend 3-4 hours playing.


I do not really play nearly as many video games as I used to but I liked to see the mentions of Mario above because the classics are always some of my favorites. I do agree with some of the newer ones though too and the Far Cry games are really intense and fun to play, but still pretty time consuming.


I do hope they release the 3rd Kingdom Hearts this year too! But I really don’t want to keep my hopes up because they might postpone it again like they always do. They are hyping the game too much and I can’t wait to play it. :frowning:


My dad still has his childhood Nintendo from the 1970’s and his GameBoy from his student days. They have the old Mario and Super Mario Games loaded and I love them. Donkey Kong, Super Mario Land - adventures on Yoshi’s Island and in Dinosaur World. Rescuing Princess Peach and Baby Luigi. Ahhhhh, many a happy hour has been wasted.


Shamefully, I like to play Astro Garden on Facebook. But I really don’t like that I play this game as it takes my time from other things that are more productive. Sometimes I get a bit bored and don’t play for a while, while other times I can spend all day on one game.


I played a lot of video games over the past years. I love playing stealth games like Assassin’s Creed. I’ve enjoyed almost all of the AC games since 1. I really enjoy the AC open world formula and their settings. Assassin’s Creed always had a cool story to it like the relationship of Arno & Elise. Started as kids. Nice start of the story.


I enjoy playing counter strike or any other gun games, it can be online or AI mode, it is very fun and thrilling. You can learn many strategy and styles of hide and seek and choose your weapon depends on the way you play, like sniper or become a front line defense during every match and it feels like a real assault.