What type of currency does Italy use?


What type of currency is used in Italy? I assume the Euro, but I have no idea. My wife and I are adopting from China and will be traveling soon. It has been interesting to see that the currency conversion rate is in our favor in China. I am wondering if the same is true in Italy. I have always been apprehensive of converting money for use in another country just because I know nothing about the currency market. When my wife and I traveled to Mexico, we were in tourist areas and the US dollar was accepted.


You’re right, Italy does use the Euro as their currency. I’m really not sure if touristy areas would accept other currencies, like you mentioned about Mexico, but I don’t think they would.


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In Italy, Euro is the only accepted currency. Although in some places, they do show prices in their old currency (which is no longer used). I think they do this for the older generations, who still “think” with the old currency as reference.


The FIAT currency today is Euro,
Virtual or web Currency is Bitcoin (growing really slow)


Definitely the Euro is the only one to be used… you will not find any places accepting US dollars, not even locals.


I don’t think anyone in Europe accepts US dollars. Most countries, or better said most countries that are part of the European Union, have EURO as their main currency. In some countries, they will accept payments in EURO, even if the official currency is something else. But not US dollars, unfortunately…