What type of Animals are indigenous to Italy?


There are a wide variety of animals that roam the countryside and mountains in Italy. The most notable and largest mammals that live in Italy are the Eurasian lynx, Italian wolf, Marsican brown bear, Pyrenean chamois, Alpine ibex, common genet, axis deer, mouflon, rough-toothed dolphin, crested porcupine and Mediterranean monk seal. Unfortunately, the brown bear is almost extinct with only 50 left in the wild. Such a shame! :bear:


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It’s interesting you mentioned this, since Italy has more animal species than any other European country. Italy is home to 102 mammal species, 516 bird species, and 56213 species of invertebrates.

There are actually some real large mammals in Italy (Probably not the kind we’d want to run into by accident), like the Eurasian lynx. This one is very rare in Italy (compared to some other European countries).
There’s also the Italian wolf, but like the Eurasian lynx, there aren’t too many left in Italy.

Then we have the Marsican brown bear which is yet another endangered species. The brown bears can weigh up to 440 pounds. The bears are super shy and mostly just appear at night.

All in all, Italy seems to be home to some endangered species. I am not sure about the other animals, but the brown bears are endangered due to several reasons, especially poaching, poisoning, and less agriculture (less green for them, or areas where they can live and flourish)

Italy also has deer, and they look gorgeous, a bit like the fawns we have here in Upstate New York. They have what we call baby spots all over… Here in New York, only the babies have those. The males have huge antlers, they can be as big as 3.3 feet.


516 bird species!? I had no idea!! I always thought there would be a lot fewer these since it was so small and surround by the ocean. I am going to have to see what kinds there are. Anything remotely tropical? Like the brightly colored birds and such?


I love wolves. In the mid-2000s, the Italian wolf has seen a decline but it is undergoing a resurgence. There’s over a thousand and it’s expanding to the north and east.


It`s nice to see that so many big mammals are still around in Italy. I think the European Union has some conservation efforts in place for the endangered ones, though.


Such a shame about the bears. I know the wolves had been seeing an increase in population, which si helping other animal populations as the eco system gets balanced out. It’s only a shame we can’t see the same sort of thing with the bears. Though I suppose with the loss of habitat there’s only so much you can do.


If we were able to make more effective use of smaller amounts of land, we could have more wilderness be protected instead of being cut down. However, often building height restrictions leads to urban sprawls.


Seeing so many indigenous species in Italy on the endangered list is a shame, but what happens in Italy is true for many other countries in Europe and world-wide as well. The more with expand our cities, the more wild animals get endangered. It won`t change without any really well thought out conservation efforts.


Sicily has a substantial wildcat population in the Zingaro Nature Reserve. While the wildcat is common throughout Europe, interbreeding with domestic cats does not endanger the population in Zingaro as it does in the rest of Europe. It just goes to show you that Italy is doing its best to preserve its flora and fauna.


We don’t get many of those animals mentioned in this thread here in Canada so if I ever do get a chance to go to Italy then it would be cool to see those animals.