What makes you Happy?


I am a simple man with a simple dream, to grow old and it makes me happy that I am able to wake up everyday of my life, seeing my kids and my wife alive and going strong growing old day by day. For me life is what makes me happy because it is what we always wanted. We can’t make our dreams come true or we can’t be happy if we are not alive. Life can bring us many possibilities and enjoyment or even burden but it is better than nothing.


I don’t think that I can really pinpoint the things that make me happy. For me, happiness is usually a state that is brought about as a result of everything being okay in my life at the time. I don’t really associate with happiness in the excited, active form that people usually know it as, but as more of a general feeling of contentment.

When my bills are paid, when my fridge is full, when there’s money on my debit card, and when me and my family are in good health. So long as those conditions are met, I could be doing literally anything and feel content.


I think it’s lovely to have a simple dream in life. Many of us are burdened by the idea of chasing after grand dreams and such. But the world is so much better than that. We need not force ourselves into grand escapades. :heart:

Instead, let’s cherish the good we have in life. :innocent:


I’ve noticed that happiness is closely related to contentment. The simple life often brings us closer to it than any other means of living. Sometimes the ordinary can be as extraordinary as whatever epic dreams we have.

Live life to the fullest and stay happy always. :relaxed:


I think the number one that makes me happy is my family, I feel so much joy when I’m with them and they serve as my inspiration to work hard. I rarely go home in my home town because I am working from afar away place that is why I am happy to be with them even in just a short period of time.


I agree. Family makes life worth it. It gives us wholesome joy and lasting happiness. I find that our best memories always reside with our loved ones. God bless! :heart:


Music makes me happy.
Music has an equal power to cure diseases as any medical treatment. The vibrations of the music enter the body and flow in the blood fluctuating the blood pressure. A song with fast tempo helps in elevating the breathing rate and thus, the scale of emotions favors the happy side. When I listen to good songs, as in, decent songs with meaningful lyrics, it naturally glows up the face.


Simple things make me happy, like hanging out with my cat, visting with friends and relatives, and sitting in the sun. I am happy as long as I am not under stress or emotional duress. I have a happy coutenance.


How lovely! I must agree. I’ve always felt happy listening to upbeat and cheerful music. The meaningful words accompanied by harmonic melody just brightens your day. :relaxed:


I see what you mean. I have cats too. They make me happy in the simple way. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Happiness is what it is. Enjoy life and count your blessings. :heart:


I love dancing because of its benefits.
Dancing provides many great benefits and, while it’s not possible to list them all, some of the greater benefits are listed below:

Dancing allows one to express oneself.
A sense of unity is found within the dance.
Dancing provides physical/mental refreshment and relaxation.
Laughter and fun — dancing can provide a lot of entertainment.
Dancing is a form of exercise.
Dancers find inspiration and motivation as they become lost in the dance.
Dancing allows professional dancers to form affiliations.


Well I agree on that my friend, music is really a happiness for me because of the different benefits that it gives not only for our selves but for us also to stay motivated for the day. It inspires me to work hard and enjoy life up to the fullest whenever I hear some great songs or music, If I am listening to happy songs then I also feel happiness even in just a short period of time.


I love watching anime too. Those things makes me happy to. Playing PC games and learning a new song. We are incredible same for a lot of things. He he.


I like dancing too. Though, I’m not really good at it. My way of dancing is mostly embarrassing and amateurish at best. I feel happy and relaxed once I join in on the fun. :sweat_smile:


My current favorite anime right now is “Boku no hero academia.” It’s another kind of action anime. Though, I’m left wanting more because the episode production feels way too slow compared to how far the manga has come. :sweat_smile:


I like to sing karaoke because it makes me feel happy, I like the feeling that it makes me feel relax and unwind for a while for my self for the long hours of working in the office. I really enjoy it because it relieves me from stress and give me the convenience that I want. I always make it a point to sing with a karaoke whenever I go home even in just a few hours or even less than an hour depending on my mood.Singing with a karaoke was already a part of my day to day happiness wherein I am singing whenever I have the chance to be with a karaoke machine.


I love what you said here! Things only bring temporary happiness but experiences and memories last a lifetime. I think it’s part of why I love traveling so much, because I think those memories are some of my most fond ones.


Thanks and yes, material things only bring temporary happiness because after a while you’ll just get sick of using them or consuming them. I also love to travel because of the same reason, although it’s a bit tiring. Glad that I’m no the only one who finds happiness in memories and experiences.


I don’t really sing. Some people are blessed with great voices. But not me. Though, I’m okay with humming quietly to myself. Just not in front of people. You go have fun! :grinning:


I was lucky that I was blessed with a good voice that is why I am not afraid or shy to sing in front of people because I know that I can do it very well. I really like to sing because it is one of the things that makes me feel comfortable and relax that is why I am so happy to do it. I know you can also do it since sometimes we just need to practice since practice makes perfect.:joy: