What makes you Happy?


What makes me happy:
● Discovering a song that triggers whatever primal response we have to just melt into the moment and that song is the only thing that exists in the world
● Being left alone after socializing; it’s one of the few times where I can feel truly alone and not lonely.
● Watching Anime
● Watching lots of action movies
● Playing lots of video games on my gaming PC
● Hear you scream in agonic pain ( just kidding :smiley: )

What makes you happy ??


What makes me happy are the things money can’t buy. I love to spend time with my family, relatives and friends. I’m happy collecting moments or memories with them.


That hentai made me laugh out loud. :rofl:

I also watch anime for fun and to relax. Playing classic and the latest AAA video games also make me happy and fulfilled. I also like spending a lot of time with friends and family to catch up with them.


People above anything else - family and friends. I also love to travel. Recently I’ve taken to looking out for local birds - I’m not a bird-watcher as I don’t wait for rare birds. But I like to see our local birds with their young in the spring and early summer. It makes me happy. As do mango sorbets. I’m easily pleased!


What makes me happy is living comfortably. I find joy in being in a place where I feel at ease. Somewhere I can be myself and relax. Not many people have that. :grinning:


I can relate. I like being with my friends. They cheer me up and make me feel loved. Same goes for my family. I hope to meet new people so I can share the happiness with them. :smile:


That hentai think make me LOL, haha
Well happiness may differ depending upon on one’s perspective, because we may have different perspective when it comes to happiness but for me are the things what makes my loved ones happy especially those things that money can;t buy they are the real precious ones, the unending love , care and sweetness overload that you are giving and receiving from the people whom you loved make you feel that living this world is fulfilling. Yes material things can bring you happiness as well but these things are just temporary things but those things that money can’t buy will last for a long time.:slight_smile: thank you


There are lot of things that makes me happy. But the root of all the joy and happiness I’m having is because of Jesus. So whenever I remember how good He is it makes me happy so much. :smiley:


Aww. That’s so sweet. I like your sentiment. I definitely relate. Sometimes we forget that priceless moments make life what it is. I hope more of us realize that true happiness lies in sharing our joy with others especially, our loved ones. :heartpulse:


For me, there are many things that can make me happy, but the two things that make me most happy is playing video games and bonding time with my family or loved ones. I like playing video games with my friends or watching them play video games. The reason why video games make me happy is because of the action. Bonding with my family or loved ones makes me happy because of the fun I have when I with them.


I think if I sleep enough, or if I having eight hours of sleep. I’m very happy I’m sure I have that. That’s my problem right now. Having enough time of sleep is my simple happiness.


What makes me really happy is being able to spend time doing the things that I’m passionate about. This could simply be spending time with friends or my girlfriend, or doing photography and filmmaking to bring my ideas to life! I’ve found that when I’m creating something, that’s when I’m truly happy!


Let’s see! Lots of things - travel, time with family, a good book, being out in nature and hiking or cycling, playing with my puppy, feeling productive, cooking a new recipe, eating at a delicious restaurant, learning something new…so many different things!


Me too. Games make for a fun time with friends and family. I mostly play mobile games right now. But I do miss retro games that made me so happy. I liked playing action games too. :smiley:


I also find happiness with memories. I do feel happy when I buy something and have something that is expensive or something that I bought with my own money, however, the happiness that I feel is always temporary. For me, spending time with family and friends are priceless and it always make me feel happy. Happier than when I’m buying a new phone or whatsoever,


That watching hentai though, it made me burst into laughter. Only otakus know what it does mean. But I wonder if you really mean about hentai or just an Ecchi. I’m amazed how frankly you include it in your post. Anyway, it is just normal for those anime lovers out there if you are open-minded.


Party makes me happy, Because so many people around you smile and cool , dancing singing and in the bar so many girls. You drink beer and party sounds that makes you dance. I’m also happy when i’m playing video games and computer games.


Spending free time with my husband makes me happy. We go to a beautiful place to have a picnic and walk. I cook delicious food beforehand, and we can spend several hours chatting on the fresh air and discussing our plans. It makes me feel calm and happy.


That’s a heartfelt response. I feel your joy in celebrating our love and happiness through Jesus Christ. Let’s keep our faith. :innocent:


Wow! Sounds like living in paradise. I see it as if it’s one of those moments in movies. Like when they go to heaven and forever live in peace and harmony. :heart: