What kind of clothing should you pack for Italy?


I know that in general that weather conditions in Italy are temperate but I might want to go to the Alps. I figure since it’s a big maybe I might as well forego packing for the Alps and buy a jacket once I am there. What do you guys think?


If you plan to visit the mountains, I think it’s best to pack at least a sweater :smiley: Especially if you plan to visit soon. The weather here is still very nice, but autumn is quite rainy and you might have warm weather during the day, but freeze in the evening.

I actually remember the first time I visited Venice. It was in the middle of August, so you’d expect the weather to be extra hot. Instead, it rained the whole day and, when I arrived and got off the train, I was so cold I had to buy something to wear! (+an umbrella :smiley: )


If you are able to and have the room to do so, I would consider packing a little of everything in terms of clothes. The way I see it is if you are able to pack a little of everything, you will have clothing for all kinds of weather that gets thrown at you. You can never predict the weather anywhere and it gets crazy from time to time so always best to be prepared.


I suppose it would depend on the season. Different seasons, of course, demand different clothes, even though, the seasons in Italy, due to the California climate might be less extreme as say, in Germany.


That’s true. Italy is usually sunny all year round. The problem is, when it starts to rain heavily over here, you better be prepared!
This summer, it hasn’t rained over Italy for months, but when it finally did, many towns were literally flooded.
Don’t be afraid to visit though :slight_smile: Just be prepared and you should be fine.