What is your favorite sport to watch or play?


I’m a huge fan of wrestling and so I love watching WWE. I’ve been watching it ever since I was a kid and I rarely miss a show. Other than that, I also like watching cricket.


I once played Volleyball for our department’s volleyball team last year and I’ve grown to love it after that. I’m not that into sports because I prefer watching TV and I’m a little bit introvert so I don’t do sports at all during childhood and high school. Fortunately, I was able to experience it now that I’m in college.

Volleyball for me is the best sport because it really requires teamwork and too much practice in order to really play it well. Actually I found it very hard at first and now I’m still learning how to play it like a professional.


My favorite to watch is tennis. I have been to a number of Grand Slam and ATP/WTA tour events, and it’s amazing watching all of the greats in action. My favorite player is Roger Federer because as well as being such an epic sportsman he also seems like a genuinely nice guy.


I love to watch Rugby - unfortunately the Italian team is not very string at the moment, but so long as they remain in the 6 Nations competition they will improve. I prefer watching rugby to football as there are no “prima donnas” in rugby. A player, gets brought down, has emergency stitches done on the field and a minute later is playing hard again. Football is full of players who dive when theere is no foul.

“Rugby is a thug’s game played by gentlemen and football is a gentleman’s game played by thugs”


I also watch NBA. Who do you think will win this year’s playoffs? My bet is on Rockets or GSW. They seem to have the star players to win this tournament. They also play well with other stars and you don’t see this often because most of the star players are very proud and want to be the main guy for their team.


When I was in grade school I love to play volleyball. I am one of the players in my school back then. However, at present times I do not already have the time to play it. That’s frustrating most of the time.


I like volleyball. The players are really supportive of one another. They help with motivating and maintaining a fair play attitude. This makes the game really fun to watch. :smiley:


I like American football. That is my favorite sport to watch. I used to enjoy playing it when I was younger. I would even play flag football now…if there were women in my age group playing. I wouldn’t want to be the only “oldster” out there.


I love to play table tennis but I preferred to watch volleyball games. Especially the girls team. It is more exciting to watch them better than boys team.


I have a lot of favorite sport matches to watch especially football or basketball. My husband prefer to play his fav online games and watch baseball, for instance


I used to play basketball. However, after suffering a minor injury three years ago, I started to shift from that sport into playing chess. I find it absolutely amazing since you are indeed doing a lot of analytical thinking.