What is your favorite sport to watch or play?


I love playing soccer and basketball and watching people play soccer. It is so much fun and I couldn’t imagine anything else.

What about you?


In terms of Italy or?

I have not been to Italy yet so I have not been able to watch any sports live there. I think I would love to see a live football game. A friend of mine seen a few when he went to the UK and raves about the crowds and how exciting it was.


I’m a big sports fan. I enjoy all types of sports. I don’t think I have a sport that I do not like.

My favorite sports though to watch and play is hockey and baseball. Those are my top 2.


I’m not an sports fan at all. Most of my life when I do get into playing any kind of sports that I do like it however I’m not into watching or playing that much. Some of my family members are into sport like football and they do watch the big match


Baseball is my favorite sport. I’ll watch basketball if the Warriors are playing. I really only watch soccer if there’s a big cup going on that America makes it to.


Just in general. I should have added that to my original post, sorry!


I enjoy soccer, nothing thrills me more than the sound of the UEFA Champions League anthem.


I enjoy Cricket, Football and basketball. All to watch and play both!


I enjoy most sports, but it seems like I have the most fun while playing soccer and floor hockey. Now, my least favorite sports would be tennis and volleyball.


For, it`s football (soccer) and ice hockey. I always watch major international competitions and love to cheer for my favorite teams.


Well for me basketball. I used to play basketball every Friday after work. We used to play that sports with my co workers and it’s really fun. I also like to go to some sports bars just to become updated to news about basketball, international or local. Sad to say, I have no interest in football or soccer, I don’t know why.


I’m a big fan of baseball, tennis, football, and mixed martial arts.

MMA and tennis I find so fascinating because of the individuality of both sports. There’s no being carried by a team mate on a hot streak, or brought down by a weak link. Literally all success and failure is completely on the shoulders of the individual athlete. I find that to be extremely interesting. These have to be much more difficult than team sports to keep one’s composure. Both sports I also find really exciting and and of themselves.

Baseball and football are both great because of the mental preparation that goes into these games. They’re far more of a chess match, which rely on planning, creativity, and figuring ways to exploit the opponents.


For me, I like to watch volleyball and basketball. I actually enjoy watching it especially if there is nice tricks or team works that I can noticed on the team who is playing. It also a stress reliever for me, if I am watching a game the only thing I feel is excitement and enjoyment and for the meantime I can forget my problems in life.


I’m really interested in volleyball so I always watch it whenever there is a tournament especially if there is also an import from different countries and I’m amazed sometimes when I saw some Italian volleyball player imports because I never knew that they have also such a good skills at playing the volleyball. I can say that italians aren’t just amazing with their culture, in their food, in their history, etc. but they are also good at Sports. My very first Italian volleyball player idol is Francesca Piccinini.


My husband loves soccer, so do I. He is a member of the soccer team, they play every Saturday. I enjoy watching matches at the stadium and on TV.
Soccer makes our evenings exciting, we invite several friends to come over, and I cook delicious food. Our family supports the same players, and soccer unites us. I also like reading news about sports stars and their families, I am happy for their achievements and proud of them!
When we go to a picnic or at the beach, I also try to participate as a goalkeeper. I do my best!


I don’t play any sports but I enjoy watching NBA. I also love watching MLB because I am at awe at their pitchers. I like to see impressive individual and team plays. I would want to do it myself but I am not good and I don’t really like going outside because I am an introvert. :stuck_out_tongue:


I like to play soccer, basketball and chess. But I’m playing basketball most of the time,because you can play it even on side streets or public plaza, unlike soccer you can play it if there is a match or event.


Basketball has been my all time favorite and this is the only sport everyone knows how to play all over the world. When we talk about basketball, NBA has always been a part of the story and everybody knows that. But there are two sports that I am really a big fan of - boxing and MMA. It’s not because I want to see people get hurt but because I wanna see the combat techniques they use in order to survive and win. For me, to think of ways on how to survive while getting hurt is a fight of life.


I love watching basketball both local and NBA. Basketball is more popular here than any other sports. I grew up watching it because my father always watches basketball. I also love watching volleyball when there’s a tournament on NCAA and UAAP. I make time to watch volleyball and the tournament here is kind of intense especially on the championship.


I really appreciate combat sports. For a couple of decades, I have been a really good fan of mixed martial arts. I like to watch UFC and boxing but I don’t play or participate in this kind of sports. I just play this kind of sports in video games.