What is popular in terms of Music in Italy?


I may sound silly for asking this but I honestly don’t know! I have never been there nor know anyone who has been so it is one of those things that I have to question. I know opera is very big there but what in terms of genera; “radio music” can be heard? Do they listen to the same people as the US or do they have their own big names?


Here’s Italy’s entry at 2015 Eurovision Song Contest:

Il Volo is one of my favorites. Their story and how they got together is very interesting:


I can’t speak for the general populace. But when I went clubbing in Italy I can definitely say there was a lot of tilt towards EDM. At least every other song was EDM, or a normal song with an EDM Twist.


I think electronic music and trance is just as popular in Italy as just about anywhere else in Europe. It`s the current huge thing in the music industry and artists like Armin van Buuren are very popular.


EDM and other electronical music is very popular in clubs.

However, there is also a big Rock scene as well with all sorts of genre’s of music. In fact, there are several major artists who are involved in the “Doom and Gloom” metal circuit that takes popular Opera songs, and re-imagines them as heavy metal music.

Then there are classical folk style music as well that are more… germanic and celtic in origin, which for some reason is pretty popular in Italy. But there are also musicians that try to emulate baroque style music as well.

So you’ve got a large, diverse sort of playlist really.