What is good about italy?


I didn’t visit italy yet but a lot of rumors all over the world that italy was one of the best country you can visit across the sea. For I’m very curious about it when i first read it and because of that i search more about it. But it’s not enough just to read articles about italy. I want people’s answer who personally goes there. what’s good about there unlike other countries?


I have not been there myself, but I think the weather is good, the food is delicious, and the people are friendly. The culture is amazing. The history is un equalled. What is not to like?


I haven’t been there myself too but the place is nice! I’d like to go there someday. The atmosphere of the Grand Canal inspires me to visit the real place one day. I’ve only seen places that are modeled on it and they are gorgeous.


Oh, man. I’m not even sure where to begin! The history has always appealed to me the most. Getting to see sites like the Colosseum and the Vatican up close and personal is such a thrill. The landscape is gorgeous, the islands are divine, and the fine arts there are some of the best in the world! Oh, and the food is delicious!


I have never tried visiting Italy because of the distance it has from my country and because it is very expensive to have.I think the good thing in Italy is the good scenery and tourist spots that it has which people keep coming back to it. I am really amaze on the beautiful places on it and the good culture the Italy has. If I will be a give a chance to go there then I will probably do it without any regrets.


They cannot stand garbage. Yes, I do mean it, you will not find a garbage dump near the public area. The Italians stick to their timetables and traditions. In the afternoon, at 2 p.m., there are no people outside - everyone is having lunch. 16-18 y.o. teenagers are still schoolchildren, their school years are much longer than in other countries, they know much about the world, and it is good. They are easy-going and friendly, ready to help tourists.I like that they eat only fresh food that has just been cooked. In three-four hours, it is aready not fresh enough for them.


Great food, fantastic culture, warm and friendly people, gorgeous nature, loads of history and art - I feel like there are too many good things to list! Every time I’ve visited there it just made me appreciate the country and what it has to offer more and more. There’s a reason I’ve been there more than once!!


I don’t know anything yet about Italy since I haven’t been there. But reading the reply section below definitely gave me some glimpse of it. Someday I will visit the place.


Great architecture, artworks, historical places, the food!!! There are lots of things about Italy that are so cool and so good.


I think so much is good about Italy including the culture, the food, the history…and the people. I can’t wait to go there personally. I have some family members who are over there right now…no douubt having a great time!


Even though I am not able to visit Italy, I have a lot of relatives working in the said country and base from them I think I can share about some things about what is good about in Italy. I think First was its’ culture and historic and amazing work of arts. It can be on a building on a paint or even in just their contribution in other aspects such as music and sport. Aside from it people their though we all know that not all of them are still good. Some people also show kindness and showing good to others especially tourist, and for me the reason Why I always wanted to visit Italy was because of it’s beautiful churches…


Italy has inspired thinkers, artists and writers for centuries. From the architectural to the culture, there is plenty to talk about when it comes to Italy. Italy certainly does have much to offer like spectacular cities, ancient ruins, wonderful museums, soaring mountains, great beaches, and beautiful natural scenery.


I haven’t been to Italy as well and like you I’m also fond of researching about Italy. I’ve actually listed some of the things that makes Italy good like their food, the beautiful tourist spots, fashion and etc. but I still want to hear opinions from the persons who really visited Italy.


I think that what I find most attractive about Italy in general are the history and the food. Italy was the center of one of my most favorite periods in history, the Renaissance. So many incredible artists, philosophers, and writers emerged from Italy. Every great painting, sculpture, cathedral, and work of literature which is at the top of my list, all came out of Italy. I don’t even have to say anything about the food. Italian food is known throughout the world to be some of the best. Who doesn’t love a good bowl of pasta or a delicious, cheesy pizza? Not to mention how Italy has refined the art of cheese and wine making.