What got you interested in Italy?


Most of my childhood holidays were spent in Italy. I think Ma thought it would be a lot like Eire, being Catholic and all. Dada had no choice in the matter. :rofl:

The first thing I noticed as a child was that the flags are nearly the same.


Of, course we soon learned to love and enjoy the differences between our two cultures and now I’m planning to study Italian at university and would love to learn more about the culture and history.


Being a foodie I would say that Italian food and its preparation are probably at the top of the list of things that interest me about Italy, but then again the Italian language is something that I love to hear. I have a couple of Italian language learning books in my house, and I belong to “ItalianPod 101” on YouTube. I love to hear Italian spoken.

I like Italian art, and music, and architecture. One of my first mentors was a fabulous, gorgeous Italian powerhouse. Years ago, I used to work at a company where the vast majority of the people working there were Italian and my boss was Italian. It was a very cozy type of atmosphere.

In the present day, the house that I live in is owned by a very gracious Italian man. And may I mention again, the food?! I’ve been watching Italian cooks on TV for years, Lidia Bastianich is one of the chefs who I love to watch whenever I can catch one of her shows. Bottom line, I just really like Italy and Italian culture all the way around.


The culture of Italy is the reason why I love it. The food, the place, the language and a lot more. You can’t resist to love such a wonderful place that is filled by love. Sounds like a Love country for me.


One of my must go places in this world is Italy because this country is very know around the globe. It has beautiful historical places like the Colosseum, the structure of the buildings are fascinating, and of course the art of this country is undeniably amazing. I really forward to be there and witness those scenery with my bare eyes. I think that day would be so unforgettable. I am only able to see the place trough internet and television which add more interest in me. SEE YOU SOON ITALY.


I’m actually staring at my Italy calendar set on a painting of Sanremo. I think for me the idea of visiting Italy came as I began to think of traveling to places I’ve never been before. I love adventure but have never really even traveled within my own country (US) further than my neighboring states and one solitary east coast visit. That visit, to Boston and New York meant alot because of the history and how much of it there is (compared to my home state of California) America is so young compared to Europe and there’s something that draws me to visiting Italy because of it’s ancient way of being the place where most of civilization was birthed. I would love to walk cobblestone streets to experience the same air and atmosphere that people long ago did. So much rich history to explore. As a person drawn to antiques and anything that has a past and history, Italy holds a special place in my bucket list of places to visit.


I think,it’s the family values and cultural ethnicity which I recognize the most thrilling. Love for epicurean food and taste. :slight_smile: Their connoisseur for coffee.


Actually for me is the architectural design in Italy. The structures of some famous landmarks in Italy is really amazing. I really wanted to see them and not only in the net or magazines, like the Colosseum, leaning tower of pisa, Milan cathedral and many more.


I love Italian food. I love the history the culture, and the friendly Italian people. I am not sure when I first got interested in Italy, but I have been for quite some time.


I have lots of reasons why I got interested in Italy. I know most people think Italy is such a wonderful place to visit. I am interested in their culture, the foods, their history, the tourist spot, I am even interested to Italian so that it is easier for me to learn things in Italy. And maybe he or she can introduce me a new things aside from what most outside people know about their country.


Personally, I love Italian traditions and manners. People are very friendly, kind, and open-minded there. Italian girls are not shy to note that they are on a diet to lose some weight. People love laughing and smiling, they are so bright! Most of the locals I met are well-educated, and their children mind their manners.
Their tradition to have family lunch together and the habit to kiss each other when saying “Hello!” are very touching. All people are ready to help and value their families, I find it just great! I am sure that the people made this country so good.


I first started getting interested in Italy during elementary school. I don’t know which one came first, but it was either my interest in mythology or Romeo and Juliet that really got me interested in Italy. I dabble in a lot of things and many of them have led me to Italian culture in one way or another; such as studying art history, writing a paper on the decline of the Roman Empire, studying Catholicism, literature, etc.


My interest was captured by its Roman architecture. Roman architecture were found in almost every town and city and also Roman sculpture. Italy was blessed with a huge repository of classical ruins and artifacts.


I’m really inspired by the Italian language. It’s so beautifully expressive and becomes personalized the more you use it. I find the gestures funny yet remarkable. It’s almost as expressive as sign language.


Yes, I agree that Roman architecture is really interesting. The designs are really amazing and very historical in form. I wish I could visit the ruins and the museums for their artifacts soon.


You are right. Almost everything about Italy are so interesting. Food, culture, people, language and etc. They are one of the best country to be visited in my opinion.


I think it was the culture in general that got me interested in Italy. The cuisine, customs, architecture, history, everything that’s possible to see in Italy interests me. I haven’t personally been there (yet!), but I definitely plan on making my way over there someday to see the sights and experience the culture.


I lived and Asia and that is enough reason for me to get interested about the whole Italy. European countries like Italy have diverse if not different culture than Asian countries. And I am interested in knowing all about it.


It has just always seemed like an intriguing place. Maybe it was the history that first interested me, or maybe it was movies that were set there. Whatever it was got me very interested in visiting this area. It is one of the chief items on my bucket list.


Well in my own perception the thing that makes me interested to visit Italy is to witness those professional pickpocketers, I have seen their videos on national geographic channel together with Bob, the king of pickpocketers. I really love their attitude. They are not proud of their work and they wanted to change but there’s no other way for them to earn and to survive. Its a good documentary and very realistic.


I think I am more attracted to the beautiful places of Italy and the friendly people living there. I am really happy to go there if I only have the chance and money to go through since Italy was a great place for me and I was dreaming that one day I could go to Italy just to have some fun or leisure for my self. I heard that there are so many beautiful places in Italy that most tourist are visiting that is why I am one of therm that are planning to go there in the near future.