What got you interested in Italy?


What about Italy piqued your interest? Do you have some Italian heritage? Did you get interested in it when you studied something about it in school? Are you really into art, architecture, fashion, etc.? For me, I fell in love with Italy because I fell in love with Ancient Roman history; mythology, gladiators, emperors, the great and ultimately fragile empire, Julius Caesar, and so on and so forth. My love has just spread from there. What about you all?


I’ve been to Italy and the surrounding countries as part of a school group, but it’s just a blur because there was so much to see. My fiancé is an Italian American with dual citizenship. Talking to his friends and family made me want to delve deeper into the Italian culture.


I think it’s the passion that I have seen in Italians. My Italian friends are passionate about everything from cooking to romance. I wonder if all Italians are like that. I want to go see and get a taste of the life they have described.


The old Roman Empire, no doubt.


Like Drew, I went there once when I was younger. It was my first European experience and I just fell in love with all of the history. it’s so different from here. There are buildings that are hundreds of years old, and that’s common! We just don’t have anything that old around here, you know? So essentially, the history of it really drew me in, although being a Catholic also helped.


@Drew, I used to get so jealous of the schools that got to go on European trips. Our school was too small and the staff too unorganized (I guess) to ever make something like that happen. How much of Italy did you guys cover? That’s very cool about your fiancé! I bet his family is able to show you all sorts of cool things there. Do they still live there?

@patricia, the Italians really are passionate! It’s a very appealing part of their culture. From what I’ve seen, a lot of them really are like that.

@Jerry, I knew I couldn’t be the only one!

@dietrologia, it is really cool how old everything is there and how nonchalant they are about it, all over the continent. I’m sure being Catholic does help! It’s helped foster my interests as well, although I just became a Catholic recently.


My mother got me interested in Italy. She’s not Italian, but she’s always been in love with the country. Like others on here, she’s a cradle Catholic and I think that’s what initially piqued her interest. I’ll be honest, movies like Gladiator solidified my fascination with Italy.


@MissT : Well, I mean, that is a great movie, so I can’t fault you for that! It definitely helped maintain my interest in Ancient Rome (and Russell Crowe at his peak).


We went to Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Venice and a few other places that were smaller. It was a whirlwind trip and we were always rushing through the museums. I regret that there wasn’t time to linger. I’m thankful I got to go though! My fiancé’s parents are Italian-Americans. It’s his grandparents and some of his siblings that remain in Italy. I believe they all have duel citizenship. Thanks for asking!


Oh my, that is a lot for one trip! You definitely can’t do each of those places justice on a short trip. How long was the trip? You’re absolutely lucky that you got to do that, no matter what! I’m sure it was a great exprience. That’s awesome about your family! Who doesn’t need another excuse to visit Italy?


It al started with those Asterix comic books :smiley:


That’s a fun answer, @Jerry! I haven’t heard that one before. Honestly, I’ve never heard of the Asterix comic books either. I’m going to have to check those out.


Surely you have seen some of the movies made after the comic books?


Well, I really love to go to Italy ever since. But as of now I don’t have the resources and means to go there. By the way I am from the Philippines. Traveling from here to there needs a lot of money and time (visa application).

To answer your question, what interest me about Italy are its people, food, landmarks and culture. As I said awhile back I lived in the Philippines and Philippines and Italy are completely different from each other. What I heard is that in Italy people eat their food in a slow and artistic manner while in the Philippines, especially when you are hungry, people here tend to eat fast and eat as many as possible. I have a lot more expectations in Italy but I cannot possibly say them all for now until I personally experience visiting the place.


What is it in Italy that won’t take my interest? What I mean is, Italy at it’s finest is a very interesting place. Religious people and Christian devotees wish to visit Rome at least once in their lifetime. Art enthusiasts love to see the different architectures and masterpieces of well-known artists, painters, and sculptors whom they just met in books. History lovers gush over going to Italy just to see with their own eyes the well-preserved buildings and places that have been there standing since ancient times. Lovers dream of having their pre-nuptial photo in the famous romantic place of Venice or even have their wedding in the beautiful Italian churches. Even food enthusiasts are also eager to try the exquisite Italian cuisines. Visiting Italy is one full packed ride, like hitting two birds (several birds actually) in one shot. Visit Italy and you’ll experience religion, history, romance, nature - all in one.


I got my interest to travel and experience the beauty of Italy. Learn the culture, meet new friends and try the Italian specialties. Italy is one of the most interesting country to travel. I hope I can visit someday.


Movies and Video games got me interested in Italy. They portray the place well and inspire me to go visit the country someday. Final Fantasy XV’s Altissia gave me a glimpse of the atmosphere that the Venice Grand Canal is a lively and romantic place. The same is through with the Venetian Macao Mall that I went to last year. :blush:


I do love Italy. As In everything is wonderful. My favorite is their delicious pastas! The trademark of their pasta would be sour. If I am not mistaken. There are a lot of their pasta sauce that tastes sour and I loveeee it!


I love history. Learning about previous events, people, and beliefs is a big passion of mind. What’s unique about Italy is how detailed and documented its history is. I can’t think of any other ancient civilizations with such precise recordings of their daily happenings. Thus, I’ve been able to learn so much about Italy and Italians thanks to the literacy promoted during the Roman Empire.


I’m actually half Italian, so I think that’s what piqued my interest in the first place! My grandparents are from Brescia so I wanted to explore that region and see where they were from, and what their youth was like in Italy.

Naturally, the history and the culture, the beautiful scenery and the food were contributing factors as well!