What do you pack on your trips?


Definitely an adapter! Then in the case goes my camera, clothes, shoes and passports and the tickets! I normally put in a sandwhich or two as I get low blood sugar and can’t afford to be caught out hungry. I put as least as possible in my case because I want the weight for all the goodies and souveniers I like to bring back with me.


I like to keep things minimal. I would only bring a few pairs of clothes enough for the duration of my stay and a few extras. I would bring my phone and my laptop. I will also bring a power adapter because it helped me to bring those when traveling to another country that doesn’t have the same power socket.


I always pack too much. I love having a good choice of what to wear and so I’m prepared to pay to put a suitcase in the hold. This annoys my boyfriend who likes to travel with carry-on luggage only. However, he invariably manages to sneak soething into my big case.


Just carry what is necessary to your travel. These are may be as follows; your clothes of course, travel camera to capture the memories and money of course. That is I think. Do not bring something that you can buy there because it will eat to much of your space.


Most of the time I am packing any food that I can be used during my travel and for sure I would bring much money if possible since it is very hard to travel if you only have few money in your pocket. There are some instance that the travel which is a fun way to enjoy for our selves turns out to be a problem when you are lost and cannot anymore go back for some undefined reasons.


It was always my problem when I’m traveling. Packing my things are like doing a puzzle quiz. And I always feels like I have something forgotten. I end up putting all things that is not necessary. It was just a waste of strength bringing them all.


I pack enough clothes to get me through every day of the trip unless it’s an extended vacation. If I know I’ll have a way to wash my clothes, then I’ll pack a little lighter on that end to save space. I always pack my camera and a couple lenses as well. I like doing architectural and landscape photography while I travel, and it’s been a dream to do street photography next time I’m abroad as well.


I always make it a point to bring my mobile phone or any gadget during travel since I don’t want to feel bored along the way. I always see to it t bring my headset so that I can listen to songs while travelling since I can easily sleep while listening to a music during travel. I sometimes pack some extra clothes and all my personal belonging so that I will be ready if ever I cannot go back immediately and needs to stay in a hotel for the night.


Entertainment is a great thing to pack. When I travel, I’m used to pretty long flights, or long layovers at airports, so I’m sure to pack a book or two, as well as have some Spotify playlists ready for the trip. There’s nothing worse than being bored for hours on end!


Make a list about your personal hygiene. Phones, camera, power bank, clothes, depends on how many days you going to travel but make sure you have extra one, atm and credit cards, cash. and don’t forget your fiance.


I don’t travel nearly as much as I used to, but when I did travel, it would be for very extensive trips. My average trip would usually last upwards of a month, so obviously I packed things a bit differently than someone just going on holiday for a couple of days.

In terms of clothing, I’d always pack enough to have something fresh every day without having to do laundry. This usually meant I packed seven shirts, seven pairs of boxer-briefs, and seven pairs of socks. Alongside them I packed two sweatshirts, three pairs of jeans, two pairs of shorts, two pairs of shoes, and a pair of sandals. As you can see, I wanted to be prepared for any weather.

That was mostly it for clothing, besides accessories like watches and sunglasses. With regards to hygiene, I only ever packed my hair/beard trimmers, cologne, and nail clippers. Everything else such as toothpaste, body wash, and deodorant were purchased at the destination. These would usually go into my check-in bag.

For my carry-on, I took my laptop, DSLR camera, mobile phone, two books, and a Nintendo DS. My average trip usually consisted of a transatlantic flight and at least one, five hour layover, so entertainment was a top priority.


I’ve learned to travel relatively light. I take just a couple of changes of clothes, since I inevitably buy some new bits and pieces there - and finding a washing machine generally isn’t too difficult! As long as I have my passport, and a way of accessing money, I don’t think it’s really a big deal to pack light, because anything you’ve forgotten you can usually pick up at your destination.


Well that is great to know, entertainment really matters for everyone since it helps us to ease the boredom that we feel while travelling. I have never tried to bring some books on my travel but I think it would be nice and full of fun if I will give it a try next time around. I am thinking of any possible books that I would bring so that I could have another type of experience other than the previous things that I do.