What do you pack on your trips?


I am trying to get a bit of a list together. I still have a ways to go before I go to Italy but I want to see what all I should bring. I also have to get a bag or two for myself and my fiance.


I usually just carry the neccessities =) You know, pack up at least a weeks worth of clothing (or depending on how long Im gonna be there lol) and some good smelling stuff like perfume, soap, and stuff like that. And then a guide book, my passport, copies of important documents, a list of emergency phone numbers, contacts, and things like that as well as a map! (physical copy in case my phone breaks - Thats a trick my dad taught me!). Oh, ad extra socks for when I go walking around a lot!


One thing I will say is don’t bring too much stuff! Whenever I travel I try to pack as light as possible as it makes traveling so much easier!


Thank you both of you. I know I do not want to over-pack but I also don’t want to forget something or under-pack and then end up not having room to bring anything I buy back with me!


Travelling light is always the way to go I feel. I always take as little as I can but make sure I have the essentials also. There is always a way to be able to clean your clothes so even if you only take say a few tops, few pairs of trousers or even skirts or dresses you will have enough and then plenty of underwear to change you should be good.


Work out how many days, weeks, months that you are going away and then work from there. Also if you are flying, you are limited on what you can or can’t take

  • Yourself (lol)
  • Extra Shoes
  • Health pack just in case
  • Your pills or whatever you may have to take
  • Good amount of clothing to wear

I know it’s Italy but some country’s are so cheap that you are sometimes better off taken less things and take home more things. I mean some locations are cheap then other’s you know


Just the necessities, and a few extras of the necessities. I usually prefer not bringing many clothes either and buying locally a few and living with them!


Many tourism spots now offer maps and informational pamphlets designed for foreign visitors. It’s still important to research the areas you want to visit before coming, but you can always fetch a local map later if you’ve got a digital one. If you use services like Airbnb, most hosts offer the necessities like soap, towels, etc. I always bring wet tissues, though.

Traveling gets easier these days.


I mostly bring the documents I’ll bring, money, laptop, phone, and camera. I make room for gifts if I’m visiting a loved one. I try to save room for souvenirs on the way back home so I pack light.