What do you guys think about my Italian themed website?


I’m not Italian but I’ve always had respect for Italian cuisine and culture. I made an Italian restaurant website for a project. I made sure to make it Italian themed but I would some feed back. You can have a look at the site here https://www.laluceristorante.com/ thank you in advance you italian fanatics :slight_smile:


I took a quick look. Here’s what I’ve noticed:

  • clicking on ‘Online Ordering’ takes me to the top of the page
  • I would put more work into the menu design; for me personally that’s the most important part I’m looking for on a restaurant’s website; if possible make it match the menu the customer’s going to receive at the restaurant in terms of design, categories, order .etc; this way he’ll already be familiar with it;
  • ‘Skip the dishes’ link is not working: " Sorry, the page you requested can not be found."
  • I would remove the initial pop-out announcing the name re-brand for those that visit directly laluceristorante.com and instead would only show it when users are redirected from the old website (don’t know its url) to the new one; The announcement’s purpose is to announce a change to those who are still unaware of it; there’s no point in repeating that to customers who already know about it;

Other than that looks pretty solid. Good luck and thanks for stopping by.