What do you do for work?


What do you do for a job?

I have my own business teaching music lessons. I teach guitar, drums and ukulele lessons. My business is small but growing as I just started it last year.

I also am a line cook during the mornings. It’s my goal to leave that job some day and just focus on my business when it gets a lot bigger.


I am a college graduate from business and work for my father’s company. He told me I had to work just the same as everyone else to move up in the company. I am making about 20 an hour now but I will be making more than double that by the time I am 35. I am busting my butt because I want to take over the company when my father retires.


Im a receptionist / Secretary =). It’s not as bad as people think. I just take calls for my boss, make sure that he gets on time to his appontments, Write down who called, make sure he calls them back, get him important documents and he treats me to lunch every day when he leaves for an hour and brings me back something nice and I get to eat and play a few games before getting back to work.


Your boss getting you lunch every day definitely sounds nice! And you don’t have to pay for it which is even better!


Man wish my boss paid for my lunches…

But im picklerick!

Okie, meme over. This was funny when I made it. I might see if I can change it. but I digress. My job is pretty simple. I’m an apprenticed electrician. Im essentially a “gopher boy” (go for) while i get my credentials under way and study at a technical vocational college. In 2 years I should have everything I need, and I’ll actually make some decent money if I keep at it. Because, hey, everyone needs someone to look over their in house wiring, right?


2010, worked for six months in a coffee shop before moving to tafe as an student learning for the next 3 years.

Now in 2017, I have no job other then what I do online here and there and tend to stream


I am a compliance officer at a mid range financial firm. I work to make sure that the firm’s initiatives and goals are in keeping within the letter of the law.


That’s a really cool job! I’m still a student at University, so while I’m there I’ve been working in retail. Honestly no job I had before this one prepared me for how terrible working in retail can be.


I am currently in college, so I am not working full-time. Once college finishes, I want to take work seriously.

Before college, I used to work in restaurants. I also used to deliver flyers.

I have enjoyed working in restaurants, as I used to get free meals (free pizza, free pasta etc.). Delivering flyers was hard though; I had to walk a lot.


Hi, I am working for Ipsos Italy and we are looking for Mystery Shoppers, it’s serious offer, you can check our website here and register if you are interested: https://www.ishopforipsos.com/.


I currently work as a freelance writer for a tech startup. I try and document their days, make it fun and post it on their blog. I just do this as a side thing as I am still in college, but the exposure is nice!


I work for local governments, mainly doing the budgetting and calculations. Lots of Excel involved.


I’m a funeral director.


I’m working as a freelance graphic designer and I’m loving it because of its ultimate freedom and flexibility. I can choose to work whenever and wherever I want, as long as I have an internet connection. I don’t have to deal with everyday traffic and toxic people at the office. I can enjoy the convenience of my home while working and also be able to maximize my time and work during my most productive hours.


Hi guys, I used to work in Saudi Arabia from 2011 to 2016. And last year, I worked in a bpo as a callcenter agent dealing with credit reports of US citizens. I decided to resign last September because my family is living in our province, and I just thought that my situation was just the same as I was still working in Middle East. Right now, I’m here in our province together with my family. I’m planning to do transcription jobs soon. Anyone here who has any idea about transcription job? Would you mind to share it, guys?


I qualified to teach history to 11 to 16 year olds but I didn’t enjoy it. I’m planning to requalify to teach at degree level and I might also specialise in Italian history. This will involve taking a Master’s Degree in a chosen period of history. I have yet to decide which era to study.

For now I work as a Virtual Assisstant for 2 small businesses.