What are the must-see destinations on a seven-day trip for a first-time visitor?


When I search Must see places in Italy, it shows me hundreds of places. After all Italy is a large place.
But if I am limited in time, then what are those destinations that I can enjoy on a 1 week trip ?


I am not sure I am qualified to answer this question, but my must see would be the colesseum the Sistine Chapel, Venice, Milan, the Trebe Fountain, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Tuscany, and the Amalfi coast. I would also want to see Vatican City.


In Italy, there are 5 main places to visit: Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples, Milan.
Rome is an amazing city with many sights. For me, Rome is generally the best city in the world. On the second place, I would put Florence.
Take the route to Venice, Rome (Vatican), Florence. You will need three days for it. Visit Pompeii respectively.
It will be good if you have time to visit Sicily. Spend 2 days in Naples, only one day in Milan and the last one in Venice.


For me it all depends on what your main interests are. Food? Culture? History? Nature? A mix of those? Some people will love being based in the large cities and not venturing outside of that, but others don’t really care for big city life and would rather a trip to the Italian countryside. What are your main interests when you travel? Let me know and I can assist further!


No offence to anyone, but history and culture are not my things.
I will go with food and nature and any other cool thing :slight_smile:


The Colosseum is one place I would like to visit in Italy. I understand that the huge oval amphitheatre stands in the city centre of Rome and construction was started in 70 AD. What a monument it is!
I will also tour Forum Romanum’. I learnt that it is the original ancient town’s central square with ruins of the temples, palaces and buildings of ancient Rome, are a magnificent sight. The forum was built around 800BC and was in use for some 1400 years! The ruins of the buildings and temples, however were only discovered during excavations in 1803!
What intrigues me about these sight I would love to see is that they are right near to each other.