What are some underrated places to visit in Italy?


Are there any underrated and underappreciated places in Italy which don’t see more tourists? Are there any smaller cities with some great culture and architecture but don’t see enough tourists, for example?


Tough to say, if they’re not well known.
I think every secluded place is beautiful, even if it’s not on a tourist map.

For instance, when I visited Venice for the first time, I was amazed. It was raining, I was really cold, and yet I was so amazed by the city! So I went to visit the most touristy place in Venice, piazza San Marco. But even though there was plenty to do there, after a while I just went for a walk, away from the crowds, away from the touristy landmarks. I found a park, and beautiful streets and admired great buildings.

I think if you see the beauty in everything, you’ll love visiting any location in Italy.


I agree it’s hard to say which those places are. People have different needs when traveling, so for some, the busy vibe of the big cities full of tourists is all they enjoy where others prefer the more natural spots off the beaten path. Italy has an amazing geography and I think it can offer something for everyone. I hear Lago de Garda offers a lot of possibilities for side seeing and fewer tourists.


There are plenty of underrated places in Italy and you usually find them hidden in plain sight, right near centuries old tourist attractions that basically outshine them. I’ll give you some examples:

  • Treviso and Vicenza, in Veneto region, not being so popular due to Venice and Verona close by

  • beautiful hill-side city of Bergamo, 40km away from Milan

  • Cilento Coast, only a bit more to the South than the fare more popular Amalfi Coast

  • Portovenere and Camogli, near the famous Cinque Terre

  • Lake Iseo and Lake Orta in the Italian Lake District

…and the list can go on and on. Basically, for every popular tourist place, there’s another hiding around the corner just as enchanting.


I totally agree!

PS: I visited the city of Bergamo just a few months ago. The airport nearby was actually my ‘main destination’, but since I was in the area with friends, we figured we could go for a stroll, to pass the time. And it was amazing! It’s not touristy, but it’s gorgeous nonetheless! Next time we’re planning an actual trip there, when we’ll have more time on our hands!


Bergamo is absolutely stunning!! Definitely a hidden gem.


Lecce is a must see that doesn’t get a lot of attention, most people head right to Florence but they miss out!


I have passed by Lecce dozens of times! I admit, I’ve never bothered to visit… hmm… I guess it’s because Lecce isn’t advertised as a touristy place.
What’s interesting to see over there? is there anything in particular a tourist could visit? Or just wander down the streets and enjoying seeing something new? :slight_smile:


Excellent! Its one of the 11 cities I’ll be visiting starting next week!


These are musts! I thought Canada had beautiful lakes, wow did they impress!


You’re going to visit 11 Italian cities? That’s impressive!

Which ones? If you don’t mind me asking :slight_smile:
Did you plan your trip on your own or have you used the services or a travel agency? I usually plan my trips on my own, but mine are usually short :grin:


Bergamo is stunning, well worth the 40km ride to it from Milan!


Since the topic will probably be forever fresh, I’d like to add something else.
Some of the most underrated places in Italy are also the small towns around the big cities. I’ve discovered a couple just recently and I can’t believe they don’t publicize these places more!

Italians have many, many Christmas markets and many of them are organized in small cities or, as they call them, “paesino” (little country village). These places are small and cozy and have so much charm! If you’re ever in Italy, don’t underestimate these small towns, they’re really worth visiting.