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Italophile.com is a community for italophiles, those of us who love Italy and all things Italian, whether you already live in Italy or elsewhere, plan to visit and need info or just want to chat about La Dolce Vita.

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Thank you for having this great forum. As my username suggests, I love Italy! I am glad there is finally a forum to discuss all the wonderful things in that country. I hope to see many more people in this forum soon. I have a feeling that it won’t take long once the word is out. Congratulations on a great forum!


I agree with Iloveitaly when they say that this is a great forum. As it grows, you will really see just how much people love Italy and everything Italian from the language to the food. Americans are really hooked on the food as there are literally Italian restaurants all over the country. Thanks for having me!


Welcome to you both. Enjoy your stay!

@Postergirl you are right about that. There is a love affair going on between America and Italy, perhaps more special than any other similar relation.


I actually joined because I loved the name and I have some questions I wanted to ask in terms of travel. I am glad I found the place. It may only just be starting out but I already love to see such active and friendly people.


I am planning a trip for January for my wife and I so I am looking forward to getting some questions answered and hopefully getting some help. Some of my questions may seem odd but I am sure you guys can help me out. Very easy to use forum as well. I signed up to another one and I couldn’t even manage an introduction thread!