Volunteering in Italy?


Are foreigners able to volunteer in Italy? Are there any volunteer agencies to help with that? What kind of visa do you need in order to do this?


I read an article about that. They have three main types of volunteer programs in Italy.

  1. Agriculture/Farming
  2. Teaching
  3. Marine Conversion (dolphin population is decreasing)

I will provide this link for those who are interested:


This actually sounds like something I might be interested in. I would like to go and spend about a month over there and it would be nice to be able to do some volunteer work while I am there. Thank you, Traveler, for the link and the information.


I’m sure while you are there you can volunteer, However I highly doubt they will bring you into the country just for volunteer work if that is what you were asking!


That is awesome! Thanks for sharing, Traveler! I will definitely have to check out that link if and when I decide I want to visit Italy!


I just checked that link now. This is something unique and i can’t wait to be part of it!


Are you making a trip there soon? Would be amazing to Volunteer in a country you’re visiting actually that sounds fun! And would make you an amazing human being!


Sorry to be cynical, but volunteer with what? From what I know, Italy is a fairly rich nation (with plenty of native volunteers), but if there was a natural disaster, then of course.


This is an amazing thing! I will admit that I didn’t think Italy would have anything in terms of volunteering due to them being a pretty rich Country, when I think about it though I don’t think it’s a bad thing that places do offer volunteering whether they are rich or not, every Country needs that little bit of help I guess in the end.


A cursory look at volunteering listings in Italy on Google shows that they do not care about your nation of origin. So if you’re a foreigner in giving spirit in Italy, you’re in the right place! There were many listings for English language speakers as well. Considering that Italy doesn’t have the best English literacy rates, many foreigner who wish to volunteer will have a skill in high demand.


I’m sure there are plenty opportunities to volunteer in Italy, but I have to say, Italians won’t let you do anything without proper training.

They take volunteering very seriously in Italy. For someone without volunteering experience, it may seem odd that you’re required to take classes or undergo a special training program first. After all, you offer your help for free, right? But that’s not how Italians see it. You’d have to be a good fit before you start volunteering for real.