View on children in public spaces


What is the typical cultural view of taking children to festivals, concerts, restaurants, or church? Do most children stick with their parents? Is it proper etiquette to leave them with a nanny or family instead?


I can’t say this with 100% confidence, but I’m pretty sure that they are very open and accepting of children in most venues. They seem to have a much more lax and permissive parenting style, at least that’s what I’ve picked up from a few sources over the years. I can’t recall any specific sources since I haven’t saved them, but hopefully someone here will be able to give you a more definitive answer.


I wondered if helicopter parenting and marsupial parenting was a thing in Italy as much as it is in some other Western countries. The other day I actually saw a family with three young children at an adults only wedding. Thanks for replying, eternita. I like your username by the way. Is it a play off of “eternal” by chance?


Any time a child is loud or disrespectful in any way at a wedding or festival is the wrong time to have included children. When in doubt use your best judgement and always have a back up plan if the children should not be there


@Drew I’ve never heard of marsupial or helicopter parenting before.I had fun reading about those. But yeah, that’s definitely not okay to bring your children to something that is an adults-only event. I think @Antonia is right; read the information about the event and think about if you think children would take away from it or not. It’s the safest option. Very close! Eternita is the Italian word for “eternity.”