Vatican City - Technically part of Italy?


I was thinking of my next trip of going to Vatican City. I know it’s the seat of the Catholic Church, and that it’s technically it’s own “mini country.” so my question is this: Is there anything worthwhile to go and see? Will they let you in if you’re technically not catholic? Can you hotel a night in there? Because I want to at least stay one day, and walk around the city and see what it has, but I don’t know what ALL it has. Or even whats allowed. I apologize for my ignorance on that.


The Vatican is self governed and not part of the Italian state per-se. But if you want to visit, I think nobody will ask if you are a catholic or not. As for what you can see. Good examples would be the Sistine Chapel or the Vatican Museum. I`m not sure there are actually any hotels in the Vatican, but I think you can book a hotel quite near it.


The Vatican is a separate state (one of the smallest) but there is an open border between it and Italy. You can walk into the Vatican City as if it were another part of Italy.


The Vatican is like a couple other city states around the globe, like San Marino for example, which is also located in Italy, geographically.


I used to think it was a part of it. I guess while it is in the country, it is still a separate government power from Italy itself. It is a very strange thing. Kind of like Canada and the US with an open boarder.


The Vatican is separate and is probably the smallest independent country in the world. In fact, it might even be the case that only a few people actually are residents there, the Pope being one. However, though, don’t assume small places can’t pack a crowd. I learned that wasn’t true on some Pacific islands.


Oh, I thought Vatican City is part of Italian state. Now I know. This forum is really informative, and to think that most people here in Philippines have the same thought as mine. Anyway, I do dream of visiting Vatican City and Italy someday.


I can relate to you regarding this because before I also have a thinking that Vatican is a part of Italy but due to some people’s imparting knowledge upon me and reading also we can say that Vatican is an independent state located within the city of Rome. With an area of 44 hectares (110 acres), and a population of about 1,000, it is the smallest state in the world by both area and population. However, formally it is not sovereign, with sovereignty being held by the Holy See. (According to Google).

In short we can say that Vatican is a City within a City and since one of the main tourist attraction also in Rome especially for Catholics but as far as I know they will not limit your eagerness to visit the place whether what religion you have cause it is welcoming everyone and anyone. As long as we will have the respect for their cultures and rules since we are tourist there. Looking forward to read again your reply post on this forum that you have made your visit in the Vatican just let us know we want to share the joy you have by reading your testimony of it. Thank you


Vatican is part of Italy. It is actually a city within a city (Rome). I just read it somewhere.


Yup, Vatican city is the smallest independent country in the world, both by landmass and population. There are only 850 people living there.

They will let anyone in, Catholic or not. There are tons of things worth seeing there even if you’re not interested in religion, like the paintings in the Sistine Chapel. They do have guidelines for how you dress though, so I’d make sure to check those out before you visit.


It would be wonderful to visit the big cathedrals. The artwork and imagery are so beautiful that you can’t help but smile. They have statues that were made by master artists. Paintings of holy figures and such. So much to see that can only be truly experienced by going there yourself.


I learned in my Public International law subject before that Vatican is a separate State. That’s why the Pope is not just the Pope but also a head of a State. When the Pope visits other countries observe that his security is at the highest level. He is being protected not only because he is the Pope but also he must receive the same treatment as Head of States received when visiting other countries.


That was I thought before. but actually the Vatican is the smallest country in the world. and it’s not part of Italy I think. I wonder if the Pope is also the President of Vatican?


Yes, Vatican City is a part of Italy or may I say it is inside the land of Italy. Vatican City is describe as the city inside the city. When I first learned about from our teacher I was really puzzled because how come their is a city like that I even think that it was just a bran/store name that is located in a Mall or an establishment inside Italy. But I was wrong obviously.


I think it would be beautiful and I would want to see it just to say I have been. I mean it is such a seat of history and religion. I would put it on my to do list for a tour of Italy for sure.