Underrated Spots in Rome


My next trip will involve some time in Rome and I’m wondering what spots you think are worth seeing that are off the beaten path. What are some great sites outside of Vatican City, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, etc.?


Maybe you can try visiting Via Piccolomini. It looks like your regular street, but you can see a unique perspective onto St. Peter’s Dome there. As you go far away, the bigger the dome looks. That’s such a strange idea worth checking out.

I’m also interested in Casina delle Civette. One can say that it’s a museum of stained glass windows with various figures built on it. It’s called ‘House of the Owls’ to commemorate the most popular figure.


That does seem like a strange concept. I doubt it would be far from other things I’d be checking out so that seems like something worth looking into.

I’ve never heard of Casina delle Civette before, but it sounds fascinating! Thank you so much for that suggestion. I’m going to look into that one right now.


Have you ever used Atlas Obscura? They usually have a great list of unusual things to do, especially in major cities. Some of the suggestions can be very unusual, but I almost always find at least a few things that pique my interest. You should check it out. I think the Quartiere Coppedè looks really cool!


I hadn’t even thought of using Atlas Obscura for this trip. Normally, I only go to that site when Google or Facebook decides to show me an ad for it. That’s a great suggestion. Also, @Panthera, that museum sounds amazing! How did you hear about that one?


@MissT Thank you for sharing the Atlas Obscura! Such an interesting website. I’m especially happy because it has info on other countries as well. It would be useful for my future trips. @eternita I like visiting art museums, so I do online searches for some unique ones to visit.


@Panthera, my pleasure! I love looking around that site. Every time I go somewhere, or even think about going somewhere, I check it out to see what kind of unusual sites I can find. Don’t forget to scope out nearby cities as well!


I love the Borghese Gallery - the sculptures are magnificant!

I also think the San Clemente church is interesting - it a Basilica built on top of a church built on top of an ancient Roman house.


Thank you everyone for your wonderful suggestions! @MissT, I’d forgotten all about Atlas Obscura. That’s a great resource. I’ll have to see what they have listed. @FrancescaSINY, both of those locations sound brilliant. I’m especially interested in the church. That sounds so peculiar and wonderful all at once.