Trying the casual cycling


With Italy’s beautiful views, it seems perfect (and somehow romantic) to enjoy the bright morning or the sunset as we cycle around the city. Which cities you think are the most friendly for tourists who are interested in cycling? How are the big towns compared to the countryside? I’ve never tried this kind of activity abroad, so I’m not sure if it’s easy enough to do.


There is actually a Tuscany Cycling vacation. That part of the country is beautiful so I’ll bet the cycling is amazing. Just to get out in the fresh air, get some exercise and then follow up with some wine and cheese. It sounds like a little piece of heaven.


Thanks for sharing! The trip seems a bit too intense for my cycling level, though. Have you ever tried cycling in the areas mentioned more casually? For example, I wonder if you know about a simple-but-lovely track around Siena.

I also appreciate how Italians include culinary vacation regardless of the tour theme. Such a well-designed package.


Italy is very bike friendly and there are many such tours, so if you come across one in the area you’re visiting hop on (or should I say “cycle on”). They’re aimed to be leisurely, easy going, so as long as you casually bike at home you shouldn’t have any issues keeping on.

If you are after intensive tours, those are to be found in Northern Italy, where most of the popular peaks are, if you want to follow in the steps of Giro d’Italia.