Truffles For Food


Read a really cool article on Truffle hunting in Italy. I love when truffles are used to make crema or olio di tartufo, and other types of pasta sauces. Also shaving truffles over a bowl of fresh home-made pasta is so so good! The most valued truffle varieties are Nero preggiato and Bianco but even the common truffle type of scorzone is incredibly delicious. What is favorite dish to include truffles in?


I tried some truffles on my trip to Europe earlier this year, and I have to say, they can really bring out flavour in a meal! I had them with some pasta, so I have to agree with you, it’s so so good! :smiley:


Here’s an article I was reading just the other day. The prices have sky-rocketed due to a very dry autumn.

Gourmands of the world, despair - the price of prized white truffles in Italy has nearly doubled because of an unusually dry autumn.

Prices are now as high as €4,500 (£4,000) a kilo, compared to €2,500 a kilo last year. After a sweltering summer, Italy has experienced its driest October for 60 years, spelling disaster for the tubers, which grow in the wild in woods and forests.

Source: Truffle trouble: prices of prized tuber double in Italy after driest autumn for decades


Holy cow are those expensive! I remember reading about them a few years ago. I had no idea they were that much now! I don’t think I would be willing to spend that on food.


I’ve never had truffles. Is that odd?
They are indeed crazy expensive, but you can go at any supermarket in Italy and buy truffle cream or sauce that you can put on pasta or maybe add to other recipes as well. However… I have never tried it though.
Is it as good as everyone says it is?


Absolutely insane prices! But people will pay for a delicacy!