The Italian Alps


Living in the mountains myself, I am very much of a mountain person. If you love nature, and you love to hike on mountain trails, the Italian Alps will satisfy your desire during a vacation in Italy.

Did you know… the Alps (Alpi in Italian) stretch across no less than 8 European countries. (Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Austria, and Monaco.

The best known mountain in the Alps is without a doubt the Mont Blanc, which stands at 15,781 feet and spans the French-Italian border.

If you like to hike, the Italian Alps will be like a special treat. The Paradisio National Park is located just above Turin and offers great hiking opportunities. If you want to go on a hike for a few days, you can stay in the mountain refuges which are run by the Italian Alpine Club.
The refuges provide breakfast and evening meals, and they will also pack a lunch for you to take on your hike to the next refuge.

Hiking in the Italian Alps is a perfect way to get away from the stress that daily life brings. It is healthy, and very relaxing, and of course, it is beyond beautiful.The views are breath taking.


I head to Italy every other summer to visit my grandparents, but I’ve never been to the Italian Alps. Is there a certain time of year that is better than others to explore the area? I like to hike and am fairly athletic so this sounds intriguing.


The Italian alps was great. Although We didn’t spend much time there as I hate physical activities on a vacation :stuck_out_tongue: But I definitely agree it’s something everyone should see and hike! It’s a great sigh and a good time!


I might have to visit. To be honest, of the 5 times I’ve visited Italy, I’ve mostly just stayed in a city. Since I love the culture and history so much. But maybe next time I’ll check out the Alps, and see what I can find! Maybe I’ll get lucky and find an elephant bone from the roman days =P


The Italian alps are definitely one of the most beautiful places around Europe. That region is totally different from the rest of Italy in terms of vistas and even the food is different as that northern region has a distinct type of cuisine. More hearty, in my opinion.


Usually I liked to avoid physical activity but the the picturesque mountains surrounded by lush green forested areas and snow-capped mountain villages make me want a book a flight tomorrow and hike the Alps!


I also hate to physically exert myself while on vacation. I use vacation for rest and relaxation. Are there any motorized tours of the Alps? I would love to see it but I don’t want to hike/walk or anything like that.


Big mountains as those are something I’ve never seen. Note, I live in the Appalachians, but they are nothing like those. In fact, I’d like to also see the Rockies and Andes.


I really love the Italian alps. The alps in general are awesome no matter which part of them you visit, but I especially like the Italian part. Also, food is great in the mountainous regions of Italy.


Yes! Thank you for letting us know!
I had no idea this park existed. I’m a big lover of nature as well, I’ve been on a hike a couple times this past summer and definitely plan on doing it again!

Turin is a bit far away from where I am, but good to know you can find accommodation!


Check out Trento for what I think has the most to offer out of the Italian alps.


The Italian Alps are on my list to check out… I’ll be heading there this February!


Thanks marco1 ! Many of my friends who have already been to the Italian Alps insist I must visit. I’m kind of afraid that we’ll get stuck in the snow, but I really should find the courage to have a true winter vacation in Italy! :stuck_out_tongue: