The gelato paradise!


It turns out that gelato has more milk than cream, unlike the usual ice cream we know. The small fat amount makes a perfect excuse to go for a gelato hunt while in Italy. I would try any flavor as long as the colors are not too bright, especially the homemade ones.

Which flavors are the best and which shops would you recommend to visit?


I could go for some lemon gelato at the moment. I expected it to taste sort of like sherbet, but it’s actually cool and crisp with none of the artificial lingering taste I get from our sherbet. I don’t have a favorite shop. Italy is pretty covered with them and I’ve never had a bad experience.

All these Italian food and drink threads are making me hungry!


The warm weather is coming and I can imagine quenching our thirst with the fresh lemon flavor. Good choice!

I’ve heard that Florence is the place where gelato was born. La Carraia is one of the best gelaterias in Italy, famous for its dense dark chocolate gelato and low prices. Gelateria I Caruso in Rome allows buyers to see the gelato made on-site with flavors like melon and pineapples. If I could fly there right now, I’d buy them even in the cold weather!


I used to go for chocolate, the stronger the better. But nowadays I’m shifting towards other flavors. Lemon is a new favorite, but I also discovered that cinnamon gelato is pretty awesome!


Italy has a lot of gelato shops and they all made perfectly to satisfy your cravings. It makes me want some gelato for myself. I used to love the strawberry ones and lemon as well but now I love the chocolate that has a bit of a liquor taste I think.


I would like to try some of the flavors that are not too common in the US. I would like to try some flavors like lavender, and espresso or any kind of flavor that would not be common here.


I like ice cream in all its forms, but the Italians have done something magical with their version. Have you tried Bacio? Bacio means ‘kiss’ and is the perfect way to describe the combination of chocolate and hazelnut that goes into making this gelato… yum!


I really enjoy gelato and I think it is my favorite Italian dessert. The flavors pop and the creaminess and lightness are delicious. I would really enjoy eating this any time. The flavor you described sounds good.