THE Big Mistake Made by First-Time Visitors to Italy


I made this mistake and I’ve heard of so many people who made the same mistake. What is this mistake? It is that many first-time visitors to Italy (and probably to other countries) try to pack in far too much. As a result, they have sub-standard visits to interesting places and they risk getting very stressed. Less is more. Take your time and plan an itinerary that gives you breathing space in each town you stay, each monument you visit and every meal you eat.

Finding the right rhythm for your visit is vital to your experience. And a good experience will encourage you to visit again. And again.


I definitely agree with you. I actually always do that with my trips to other cities and provinces here in my country, and it kind of makes me very weak after the rip and felt like I was just making myself tired instead of enjoying my trip/vacation. However, I kind of actually think that it’s an inevitable mistake because as a person who only has a imited time and budget, it makes me kind of pack a lot of things and do a lot of stuff in one day because there’s no time for me to rest and do other activities on the next day because of the limited days I have with a place I’m visiting to.


I am sure that is true, but if you only have a limited amount of time, and you may never be back again, I think you try to pack in as much as you can. It is just human nature and something that we all do from time to time. I just think if we can take it slow we should though.


I agree, but I dont think this is typical for Italy. I think this is something all inexperienced traveller does. Hey, I am experienced and I STILL do it sometimes. Screw sleep, I’ll do that once I am back at work…that kind of thing…


@bonjaybee19, @kgord and @Jerry - yes, limited time certainly dictates our plans on such trips. After years of doing too much and getting home needing another holiday, I now prefer to see less but for longer whichever country I’m visiting.