The best way to learn the language


This is something I am about to embark on learning. I already learned to read and write Arabic and that was really quite difficult. I find the best way to learn is to go there and only speak the language with locals. As well as prepping up on the basics beforehand. It’s a good idea too to learn five new words a day to plump out your vocabulary.


I definitely agree that it’s much better to learn the Italian language by living in Italy because it means that you can talk to Italians directly and be corrected immediately. However, not all people (including me) can afford to stay in Italy or even go there for a day. And so, as a future teacher myself I recommend that others should learn by watching videos on YouTube and by reading books and listening to Audio materials so that all the senses can be catered because according to what I’ve learned, when almost all of the senses are used during learning, the brain can easily retain what you’re learning.


I think if we are on a tight budget, I think we should try to watch some tutorial videos in the YouTube since it would be a great source of information about learning a certain language. We should only take those we are convenient about.


When learning a language that I don’t know about, I try to find books for beginners to get me started on learning that language. I also subscribe and watch YouTube video tutorials to learn how to pronounce those foreign words. These seem effective for me. You could also enroll to an online class to have someone to talk with. These might be effective for some.


Communication with native speakers is necessary, but I believe that to be really good at something, everyone needs a teacher. You can attend real lessons or choose online classes with a well-skilled teacher. I am sure that only learning from a qualified specialist can give you a significant progress. You can also read local magazines and watch movies with subtitles to enrich your vocabulary.


The best way to learn language, the Italian language specifically is first to show and put in your mindset the habit of interest, you must show the interest that you really want tot learn the language.Secondly is to understand their culture cause language is part of their culture and if you love their culture you will get easily involved and easily learn their language as well. There are several applications where you can learn their language, try to read books and watch videos and movies on their language and it will help you as well.


Better than just reading book about Italy, the most effective way is to speak and practice it orally. The more you practice the more you become familiar with it.


Take a short course about the Italian language will help a lot also. Going to Italy just to learn their language is very expensive and not all the people can afford that, but your suggestion might be the best way to learn their language and also the proper pronunciation.


I agree with you. That might be the most effective way to learn Italian language. You really need to practice it and also you need to understand their culture on their language because it help you a lot to easily use the word and to construct a sentence. And as you practicing to speak Italian daily or often, you will eventually be getting familiar with their language. And this does not only apply in learning Italian language but on learning other things as well.


Making an extensive research in the google about learning a certain language could be also a good idea since google have most of the available data that we need to certain things. We can find some tutorial videos or even some written words and procedure about learning a language, we just need to study them well.


That’s a really good point, and one that I stand behind as well. If you fully immerse yourself in the language and culture where it originated, you have no choice but to learn it and learn it fast to function (most likely). My dad majored in Japanese language in college, and really didn’t become fluent until he moved to Japan and have to use the language on a daily basis to get around, communicate, and function in general. He said he knew he was getting the grasp on the language when he finally started having coherent dreams in the language, which I think would be really bizarre.


Try to find a video with Italian subtitles of a single Italian native speaker speaking clearly. Imitate the Italian speaker by copying their speed, intonation, pitch and overall melody. After listening to a video of your choice, try to repeat what they say on screen or audio. Stop and play as many times as you like, up until you feel confident enough to record yourself and listen to your recorded voice speaking Italian.


It’s true…it is much easier to learn the language if you continually use it. And the best way to learn it is to move to their place and be with the locals. =)


Yes, immersion is by far the fastest way. I have been studying Italian for about 6 months. Utilizing several sources. It is not hard to learn, but extremely difficult to speak and retain if you are not challenging yourself on a regular basis. I have been using Pimsleur and I have a private tutor via Live Lingua. By far talking with my private tutor and Pimsleur will help you retain the most. However, sometimes, I feel like its a siv. You learn something, then three weeks later things are foggy or you forget. You must constantly test yourself and learn the basics.

So many people want to learn a language, fast. It takes time, lots of failure. I am frustrated to say the least, but at the same time I love it. I am passionate about it, just need to be more consistent with study. In my opinion, if you want to speak, you have to practice to speak. I did duolingo and other courses “written” online but when time came to speak what I learned it is difficult. I think online is good to learn concepts but the Pimsleur method of challenging yourself to speak important phrases and concepts is important if you want to excel.

Try to do a little bit everyday, even if you don’t have a full hour. Keeping the language in front of you as much as possible helps.