The best way to learn the language


I think the best way to learn the language is to actually move to Italy and live there a couple of months with your dictionary at the ready. It would beat any course you could take. What do you think?


It’s definitely true that the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in a culture where it is ubiquitous. When your own way to function in the culture is to use that culture’s language, you learn it fast.


I’d recommend learning the basics from Duolingo, and then beginning to converse with Italians in Italy. They’re all friendly people and will help you improve your grammar and vocabulary.


Nowadays, there are so many tools available to learn a language, it’s unreal. You have a multitude of choices, including teaching videos on youtube.

I have learned several languages myself, due to having led a travelling life in previous years. I was once told about the quickest way to learn a language, and as far as I know, it works. I became fluent in English in just two months, without being familiar with the English language beforehand. I often compare languages to math. It seems impossible at first, but once you get the hang of it, it all makes sense.

Here is how I learned: Buy a book for beginners, or read on line. Study the basics, it doesn’t have to be much, just how verbs are placed, how phrases are structured, etc…
Once you’ve done that, go to an area where the language is spoken, but make very sure that there’s nobody around who speaks your language. You’ll learn in a big hurry and it won’t take long.

Keeping a dictionary handy to find words that you don’t understand is also super helpful. You kn pw. the two-way dictionary where you can look up words and you see the translations.


Yes the best way to learn any kind of language is to be in that country, start talking to people and you will eventually pick up their language. It will take a lot of work and time but eventually you will get it.


I absolutely agree! I always wanted to do an immersion course in college but just couldn’t swing it. I’m slowly learning bits of Italian through my library.


For an adult, moving there is definitely the best move, but it would be kind of silly to be looking up a dictionary constantly. Anyhow, the 2nd best way would be to take some expensive immersion based course - and the 3rd best way would involve both.

Well, actually, the best move is the 3rd move.


Looking things up is much easier nowadays than it used to be, since most people have phones. I travelled through Europe with several dictionaries in my backpack. They did come in handy quite often :slight_smile: Sometimes I wonder how we survived without the technology we have today.


I agree with you. I think that if you move there then it’s easier to learn the language because then you’re around people all the time who are speaking Italian.


From my experience living in a foreign nation, I have to say, probably again, that being immersed in the nation is the best thing probably, or at least one of the best things. I mean, i was in this certain nation and I picked up on the language - even without trying.


Exposing yourself to the language by talking to locals is the best way. After a while, words will start to stick with you and from that point on, it`s only a matter of time until you gain mastery of it.


I completely agree.
I think this is the best way to learn any language, being there, with the locals, hearing their pronunciation every day, learning the language by living it, instead of imagining it.
Watching Italian shows or films is also helpful though, if you don’t have the opportunity to actually move. Or learning songs by heart and then translating them :smiley:


I agree that the best way to learn a language, by far, would be to move there and interact with the locals. However, it’s not exactly an easy thing to do and isn’t an option for everybody. If you’re unable to move to Italy, you should utilise everything at your disposal online.

First, keep using Duolingo or similar apps, these are great for learning some basic vocabulary and familurising yourself with the grammatical structure of the language. This, alone, cannot make you fluent, though. From there, you should try to find online resources which can help you learn the language. I think the easiest way to do this is to find equivilent sites which you would use anyway in Italian. For example, read some news in Italian (Given that this can be quite difficult for beginners), watch some TV in Italian, listen to some Italian radio (This is great for familurising yourself with the pronounciation of the language and the speed at which it is spoken). Alongside this, you could turn your phone, computer and any other electronics into Italian. This can be easy to do and a great way to get used to seeing the language on a daily basis.

Moreover, try turning your personal assistant (such as Siri or Google Assistant) into Italian and speaking to it. It’s not perfect but it’s a good way to check how your pronounciation is coming along. Using a website such as Interpals can be gamechanging because you can use it to find an Italian-speaking friend to help you learn the language. This can lead to videochatting or even meeting in real life, which can be very helpful.

Mentality is important, too. You need to be comfortable that, although you can come very far quite quickly, learning a language is a long (but fun) process.

Can I learn basic Italian online for free?

I personally love having conversations with an Italian. In the process I will ask the person to make two to three sentences in Italian Language for me. After that the person will translate it for me. This way I learn the Language.


An acquaintance of mine, who teaches Italian, has recently wrote a guest post in my blog, where she lists some tips on how to improve Italian with a “visual approach”, which I find fascinating as I do think memory is more reliable when it works with images. She mentions some free resources like videos and even Instagram. Take a look here if you want, I do think there are some brilliant suggestions, and follow her on Instagram where she gives short free lessons everyday (her account is linked at the end of said post).


This is brilliant!
I never would have thought it!
I just used Google translate to learn the words and pushed the “speaker” button to hear the word as it is pronounced. I don’t have my own Siri, but you can do this with Android as well as with Windows.
Now I wonder how an Italian Cortana sounds like! Or an Italian Genie for Android smartphones!


I second Duolingo if you’re going there on a trip and would like to know a few words and phrases before hand! It’s really fun to learn too!


Yep, I agree. I’m a disaster when it comes to learning languages… except when I am actually forced to use it. That’s how I learned my English, my German and my (rudimentary) Spanish.


I agree with you that the best way to learn the Italian language is actually go there and socialize with people. This would be difficult at first few weeks or months but I know it will be worth it. You will learn not only the language but also on how they pronounce the words as well as the accent.


I think the best way for you to learn Italian language is to have a private tutor. Next thing is to have a book or dictionary that can translate to Italian language.