The basics of Italian


Okay so I have a request. I would like to know the basics of the Italian language for when I go there. Below are some words /phrases I would like and if anyone could help me out, that would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you
No thank you
Directions to
Directions from
How much
I apologize


Hello - Ciao, Salve (these are informal); formal ones are: Buongiorno, Buon pomeriggio, Buonasera, depending on the time of day
Goodbye - Arrivederci (informal) or Arrivederla (formal)
Thank you - Grazie (Thank you very much would be “Grazie Mille” or “Mille Grazie”)
No thank you - No, grazie
Directions to - Indicazioni a
Directions from - Indicazioni da
How much - Quanto
Sorry - Scusa
I apologize - Mi dispiace, Perdonami, Chiedo scusa


Some of my family members know how to speak Italian, Yet till this day I can not say or talk right lol Gotta love google translate :stuck_out_tongue:


I am in awe of your abilities in the Italian language. Are you native to Italy or do you live there? I’m just curious since you have all the instincts of a resident Italophile! Just curious since you are in the know.


Be interesting how many Italians that don’t know how to speak in English. In this world English is the number one used Language


Those are good basic words to learn in Italian. Another good site to use to learn Italian would be google translator. You just type in the word or phrase and Google translator will translate it for you.


These are really good. I"m going to have to remember these for when I go. I personally know a couple of those, but the directions to and from one, that is smart!


In regards to the basics of the Italian language, I’d add knowing your numbers is quite helpful.
I don’t know about other cities or regions, but so far I’ve met only few people who spoke English and when you need to buy something, it helps to know “How much”.

An alternative is indeed looking at the price at the counter, just don’t confuse the one in Euros with the one in Italian lira, which is their old currency. They no longer use it, the Italian lira doesn’t exist anymore, but they still show the total amount underneath the price in Euros.


Really cool list. Thanks for sharing this. It`s definitely going to make it easier communicating if you go on a vacation to Italy. You will definitely pick up a lot more words and expressions while you are over there.


Thanks for the information guys! I have been studying italian through an online course for about a week now and those words and expressions Dan posted were praticaly the only things I feel I have really learnd. No worries though, I am going to be a italiano in no time! =)


This is 100% true! :slight_smile:
I’ve learned so many words and expressions in Italian here, than I ever did at home. When you study a language,you get to learn only the basics. But when you experience a language, boy do things change :slight_smile:


I couldn’t agree more!! My family speaks a lot of Italian at home but after my trip I found I was using a lot more expressions… overall speaking Italian at home has increased since our visit :slight_smile:


This is the best part about travelling! You’ll certainly pick up expressions, and hand gestures :slight_smile:


The funny part is you can almost use your hands to explain what you want/need if you don’t know the word!


This is exactly what I’ve been doing to practice! Hope it gets me by on my trip!


Yeah I think getting basics things across is fairly easy in pretty much all modern countries, as gestures and expressions are pretty easy for most people to understand. If you want to communicate with actual more complex conversations with somebody who doesn’t know even a little of your language, you’re going to either have to get studying or try and use something like Google translate on your phone.


This is absolutely true! As funny and weird as it sounds, you can definitely use your hands to express yourself :smiley: But it wouldn’t hurt to research some gestures beforehand. Some Italian gestures have a certain meaning, so knowing how to “use them right” should help.